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I am a race atheist. I used to believe in race, with all my heart. However, my faith in Christ did something I didn’t expect; my new identity in Christ began to challenge my racial identity. […] Read More

Many in the church have given up looking for the image of God within us and settled for the cheap duplications of race. We started creating God in the image of race. […] Read More

Race has been divinely sanctioned by the church in America. We have given it sacred rights and privileges, a place of honor in our fellowship. […] Read More

A cluster of Native American congregations and the Cooperating Baptist Fellowship of Oklahoma are writing a new script for race relations in the Sooner State. […] Read More

Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove urges readers to recognize and address our racial habits in his recent book, “Reconstructing the Gospel: Finding Freedom from Slaveholder Religion.” “Change your racial habits and you change the way you see the world,” he asserts. In stunning language, Wilson-Hartgrove writes of the internalized arrangement that socially colored white people must make in […] Read More

The Field

My brother and I grew up in a small town in the East Arkansas Delta in the ’40s and ’50s. We lived on Division Street. It was a great place to live if you were white. Our small frame rent house was in the last block of South Division before it passed under the railroad […] Read More

I am tired of all of the uproar and unrest in Baltimore. I understand how layer upon layer of unaddressed injustice over time can make people frustrated enough to behave irrationally. Sustained neglect to this degree is easier to dismiss or keep on the periphery of life than to address head on openly and honestly, […] Read More

If we want to understand better white Baptists of the South on race, we need to remember a forgotten figure – A.C. Miller – and a slice of history – the 1954 Southern Baptist Convention. Never heard of Miller? Most Baptists have not. One might dare say that no current student or recent graduate of […] Read More

Sadly, I believe the chances of current ideas easing racial tensions in America is minimal in the wake of the shootings of black persons by police and the shootings of police, unless things really change on both sides of the aisle. Race relations and tensions in America have a long and sordid history, which does […] Read More

As a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri, makes international headlines following a police officer shooting and killing an unarmed African-American teenager, most Baptist churches have responded with silence while some attempt to build peace and reconciliation. examined the websites and social media accounts of a few dozen Baptist churches in the St. Louis area, […] Read More