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Prophetic Witness

While prophecy means many different things to different people, every one of God’s people are called to speak truth even when it makes others uncomfortable. […] Read More

On the second Sunday of Advent, we are reminded – as followers of the Prince of Peace – that to speak in favor of peace always demands finding a dissenting voice in a hostile world. […] Read More

U.S. churches don’t have to worry about the hardship of persecution. As a result, they often don’t realize or give thanks for the little things given to them every day. […] Read More

The U.S. has a crisis of truth-telling. It’s among our top leaders and permeates our culture. Christians must be different, letting people know something greater than ourselves is at work in us. […] Read More

Our world that used to make sense, even though imperfect, seems more like the upside-down from “Stranger Things,” but it’s never too late for the prophets of truth to confront evil. […] Read More

An endorsement blurb from Johnny Cash graces the back side of “Nashville Skyline,” Bob Dylan’s 1969 album recorded in Music City. “Here-in is a hell of a poet,” said Cash, as reported by Robert Hudson in his book, “The Monk’s Record Player: Thomas Merton, Bob Dylan and the Perilous Summer of 1966.” And for such […] Read More

Moral outrage is the antithesis of morality. Yet it’s everywhere present in our world today and is everywhere rationalized on the basis of God and truth. We live in a world awash in moral outrage. Everywhere, individuals and groups are indignant and morally outraged, sometimes violently so, by opposing individuals, groups, ideologies, moral positions, ecclesiologies, […] Read More

Classically, Christianity has listed seven sins as “deadly” sins, meaning that most everything else we do that is not virtuous somehow takes its root in one these congenital propensities. These are the infamous seven: pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth. In spiritual literature the first three – pride, greed and lust – get […] Read More

We must never be so naïve in our hope for solidarity that we neglect to identify and correct our problems. So, while yesterday’s editorial concentrated on hope found within the divided union, today we shift gears to honestly and genuinely address concerns. Communication and compromise offer the promise of a more hopeful path forward, but […] Read More

Generally, most of us want to be nice – and are deemed nice. We care about people and respect their differences; we seek to be around nice people ourselves. Persons who don’t behave nicely in our society create enough ugliness – with no need for us to add any more. So, setting our response default […] Read More