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Human Rights

Through his role at the World Evangelical Alliance, a Baptist leader from Lebanon is working to promote and protect religious freedom for all. […] Read More

At the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva in March, a man sitting next to me was writing in Arabic the statement that he would be reading to the council. Adel was a Tunisian head of a nonprofit. I said hello in Arabic, and we introduced ourselves and exchanged cards. He looked down at […] Read More

Today is the launch of the new Poor People’s Campaign (PPC) activities. The original PPC was inaugurated by Martin Luther King Jr. Mainly because of his tragic assassination 601 months ago, it didn’t accomplish what he had hoped for. The primary leader of the new PPC is William Barber II. The original PPC was created […] Read More

Jonathan Kuttab is a well-known Palestinian-American lawyer. His recent thought-provoking series of articles (“Troubling Considerations About Christian Zionism” – parts one and two) concludes with an invitation to offer “new perspectives that would make sense spiritually as well as politically to Palestinian Christians.” It is in that spirit that I hope we can approach his […] Read More

Poverty and homelessness are choices. Before you close your browser window, upset that I am blaming impoverished and unhoused persons for poor choices that led to their predicament, hear me out. Poverty and homelessness are choices society makes, that you and I make, each and every day. By convincing ourselves that we, the “haves,” are […] Read More

Religious freedom has continued to deteriorate in many nations over the past year, according to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom’s (USCIRF) annual report for 2018 released on April 25. “This ongoing downward trend often intersected with authoritarian practices characterized by hostility toward dissent, pluralism, independent media and active civil society, or took place […] Read More

There are costs for the goods we consume beyond what we pay at checkout. The hidden costs not reflected in the price tag on clothing items we purchase – including working conditions, wages, treatment of workers and environmental impacts – are explored in the fifth edition of Baptist World Aid Australia’s (BWAA) annual ethical fashion […] Read More

I’m concerned, as a Palestinian Christian, about the expressly stated view that Christian teaching requires Christians today to take specific political positions regarding Zionism, the modern state of Israel and its conflict with Arabs and Palestinians. I shared four considerations previously and offer five more here. 5. The Zionist movement realized early on that creating […] Read More

I am a Palestinian Christian. The most pressing question about Christian Zionism for me is not its theological predictions about the end times, prophecy or the Second Coming. The Bible makes clear that no one knows the exact time for the fulfillment of these prophecies, except the Father (Mark 13:32). Christian church history has been […] Read More

Dick Thornburgh was recognized at a March 13 event in Washington, D.C., for his leading role in the enactment of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and his lifelong commitment to the civil rights of people with disabilities. Thornburgh attended the event with his wife, Ginny, herself a longtime disability rights advocate. Shortly after George […] Read More