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Facebook Leads the Way in Digital Evangelism Efforts

Facebook leads the way among social media outlets when it comes to evangelism on digital platforms, the Barna Group says. Almost nine out of 10 who witness online do so through personal posts. […] Read More

Off Course? How Your Church Can Correct Mission Drift

An important fishing lesson that I’ve learned the hard way can help local churches assess their ministry and its impact. I enjoy fishing, especially when I’m in a boat and can work the shore under the overhanging trees and shrubs. You can maneuver your boat to a place where the fish are biting and begin […] Read More

Barna: Personal Evangelism Wanes Among U.S. Christians

The number of U.S. Christians who feel they have a personal responsibility to share their faith has declined over the past 25 years, according to a Barna Group report published on May 15. Those who affirm the statement, “every Christian has a responsibility to share their faith,” has declined 25 points, moving from 89 percent […] Read More

Social Justice: Good News for the Poor – Part 3

One of the privileges of ministry in the part of Birmingham, in the United Kingdom, where I live is the opportunity to lead a multicultural church. Most of the Afro-Caribbean families who worship with us are first-generation immigrants, members of the original “Windrush Generation.” When I visit their homes, I am invariably struck by the […] Read More

Social Justice: A Danger in Individualism – Part 2

Steve Holmes, in his 2012 book “Baptist Theology,” notes that ours is a model of church where “God deals directly with each particular human being.” “Believer’s baptism is an expression of this intensely individualist strain within Baptist theology: the faith of the church or the family is of no moment in the story of a […] Read More

Social Justice: A Time for Reflection – Part 1

Among the many delights brought to us by the internet is its capacity to enhance our memories of the past, to sharpen the detail of the reminiscences we might have of prior events. I took the same sort of trip down memory lane recently when I watched some clips of another musical event from the […] Read More

Why Your Church Isn’t for Everyone in Your Community

Not everyone in your community will resonate with your church. But someone(s) in your community will. Your collective expression of the gospel of Jesus Christ, your expression of church, will open the door to God for some people in your community. No, not for everyone, but for someone(s). There are people in your community who […] Read More

7 Common Obstacles to Growth in Your Congregation

An intentional “clearing of the fields” is necessary in many congregations as part of the cultivation process that positions us for growth. When preparing fields for planting, farmers notice when rocks, roots or any other impediments are lurking in the growing environment. When noticed, they are removed as quickly as possible in order to enhance […] Read More

Preaching Fear May Be Effective But It’s Also Wrong

Why don’t we preach hellfire anymore? That’s a question asked frequently today by a lot of sincere religious people who worry that too many churches and too many priests and ministers have gone soft on sin and are far too generous in speaking about God’s mercy. The belief here is that more people would come […] Read More

3 More Ways to Relate to Others Outside Your Faith – Part 2

We must learn how to relate cross-culturally in ways that reflect the beauty and grace of Christ’s gospel because we encounter people from other cultures, nations and faith traditions every day. I shared three suggestions on how to do so in the first part: First, engage with real people face to face. Second, questions that […] Read More