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U.S. Protestants Regularly Invite Others to Church

Nearly two-thirds of U.S. adults in Protestant and nondenominational churches have invited someone to church in the past six months, a LifeWay report says. […] Read More

Here’s How Often Half of U.S. Adults Read Their Bibles

More than twice as many respondents said coffee was a ‘daily necessity’ compared to those who said the same thing about the Bible, a report says. […] Read More

Profiles in Goodwill: Greg Milligan

Greg Milligan is executive vice president at Harney Management Partners LLC in Austin, Texas, a board member of / Baptist Center for Ethics and a member of First Austin, a Baptist community of faith. […] Read More

Facebook Leads the Way in Digital Evangelism Efforts

Facebook leads the way among social media outlets when it comes to evangelism on digital platforms, the Barna Group says. Almost nine out of 10 who witness online do so through personal posts. […] Read More

Confidence in Church, Organized Religion Continues to Dip

While the church and organized religion ranked fourth in Gallup’s Confidence in Institutions report, they dropped another 3 points to an all-time low of 38 percent. […] Read More

The Reason Half of U.S. Protestants Would Switch Churches

Protestant churchgoers in the U.S. do not change membership often. However, more than half said that a change in doctrine would be the likely reason they would make a switch. […] Read More

Robert Parham (1953 – 2017)

We are sad to report that Robert Parham, founder and director of Baptist Center for Ethics, and its website,, passed away this evening (Sunday, March 5). Please keep his wife, Betsy, his children, Elisa and Chris, and the entire Parham family in your thoughts and prayers. A full press release about Robert’s life will […] Read More

Retired General Talks about Arming Against Obama, Marxism

Are U.S. Christians talking about armed opposition to the Obama administration?   Retired Lt. Gen. William “Jerry” Boykin said people are asking him if they need to take up arms against the government.   “Everywhere I go people come up and ask me, ‘When do we take up arms?'” said Boykin, speaking in late December […] Read More

BCE’s Annual Luncheon Showcases New Documentary, Gains Corporate Sponsor

The Baptist Center for Ethics will screen its forthcoming documentary on immigration at its annual luncheon scheduled for June 23 in Tampa, Fla., in conjunction with the general assembly of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. The currently untitled documentary will bring more light and less heat to the immigration issue, ranked as one of the most […] Read More

Baptists, Other Christians Concerned About Post-Mubarak Egypt

As Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak remained in power and anti-government protesters continued to occupy Tahrir Square at the beginning of the third week of deadly demonstrations, discussions between the government and opposition groups appeared at an impasse.   Having expressed support for an “orderly transition,” President Obama said Feb. 7, “Obviously, Egypt has to negotiate […] Read More