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Daniel Trusiewicz

More than 2,200 Baptist congregations in Ukraine have about 110,000 members. Here’s how the European Baptist Federation has aided Baptist church planters in the country. […] Read More

Daniel Trusiewicz is mission partnerships coordinator at the European Baptist Federation. 1. Where did you grow up? I was born to Baptist parents who were peasants and active members of a local Baptist congregation in eastern Poland. 2. What is your favorite verse, book or story in the Bible? Why? 2 Corinthians 2:14-15. This passage […] Read More

Turkey may be called the cradle of Christianity. Some missionary journeys of the apostle Paul took place in today’s Turkey, and the seven churches (Revelation 2-3) were located there too. Now, more than 80 percent of nearly 70 million Turkish citizens claim to be Muslims, while all the Christians counted together comprise less than 1 […] Read More

Situated between Romania and Ukraine, Moldova is a country with 3.5 million people. The nation is comprised of several ethnic groups – 75 percent are Moldavians speaking the Romanian language; the others are Ukrainian, Russian, Gagauz (Turkish), Jewish and Roma people. The predominant religion is Eastern Orthodox Christianity. The capital and largest city is Chisinau. […] Read More

The indigenous mission workers in Egypt work sacrificially, usually among the poorest and often illiterate people. Their mission is twofold: to share the message of the gospel and do social work, which virtually brings the bright rays of light in a dark reality. The multiethnic and socially diverse population of Egypt numbers nearly 80 million. […] Read More

The West Bank and Gaza Strip are adjacent to the State of Israel and are inhabited by around 4.5 million Palestinians. The governing power is the Palestinian Authority. The major religion is Islam, and the official language is Arabic. There is also a small Christian minority, including evangelical Baptists. The Council of Local Evangelical Churches […] Read More

The Baptist movement in Poland is nearly 160 years old. Its origins date to the activity of Johann Gerhard Oncken from Hamburg, Germany, who, in the middle of the 19th century, had planted the congregations among the German-speaking people who inhabited the territories of East Prussia (now Poland). The beginning of the Baptist movement on […] Read More

Christianity in Albania claims apostolic roots since the Bible mentions a visit of Titus to Dalmatia, the province on the territory of today’s Albania (2 Timothy 4:10). From the 15th century to the 19th century, under the rule of the Turkish Ottoman Empire, the dominant religion became Islam. In 1817, the British and Foreign Bible […] Read More

Europe has been changing rapidly since the fall of the Berlin Wall (1989) and the collapse of the Soviet Union (1991). Several countries which used to be hidden under the cover of the Soviet Union have reappeared on the map. Numerous nations which had been suppressed and indoctrinated by the communist ideology have become wide […] Read More