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When Helping Your Neighbor, There’s Always Enough

There’s not enough time, not enough money, not enough margin. We can’t give more to help those in need; what if we don’t have enough for ourselves? It’s not about abundance or scarcity; it’s about sufficiency. […] Read More

Why You Need to Explore Your Kid’s Social-Media World

I joined a group from our church recently to walk through the streets of Lexington, Kentucky. This was for the Lexington Mural Challenge Scavenger Hunt in which participants had to find specific murals out of the hundreds painted on the sides of buildings, in alleys, up and down streets, throughout the city. Each mural has […] Read More

5 Keys to Building a Healthier Church

Researchers at Harvard University recently completed a study of the factors that lead to a healthier, longer life. Using lifestyle questionnaires and medical records of 123,000 volunteers, they determined that the presence of five healthy habits in a person’s life will significantly increase the number of years that a person will live. Men who follow […] Read More

What’s the Biblical Model for Church Governance?

They were seeking a “biblical form of church government.” This congregation seemed to think that they could achieve this by severing all formal ties with other churches and becoming an independent church. As a Baptist, I am a high-trust, low-control person. I trust local congregations to follow the Spirit and would defend them from outside control. […] Read More

What Christians Can Learn When They Listen to Jesus

There is a good deal of parsing of Scripture these days declaring such things as “complementarian” relationships between men and women, what is and what is not an “abomination,” and whether freedom of religion trumps freedom of speech. People of faith are at odds with one another over these distractions. Perhaps it’s time we who […] Read More

The Church’s Role in Creating the Loneliest Generation

Generation Z is the loneliest generation currently alive around the globe, according to a survey conducted by Cigna, a global health service company. This came as a surprise to many people who naturally assumed that the oldest generation would be the ones who experienced the greatest loneliness, not young vibrant 18- to 22-year-olds who boast […] Read More

Why Big Issues Can Leave You Feeling Overwhelmed

A colleague noted on his Facebook page that he had seen little reference to World Earth Day (April 22). There could be numerous reasons for this. One of them is what ethicist Willis Jenkins calls “moral incompetence.” This is no insult, but the recognition that some issues appear so great that they leave people so […] Read More

Dinner Churches: Reaching Isolated People for Christ

“There’s a natural beauty in a big, huge, family table that says, ‘You’ll be included here,'” explained Verlon Fosner, director of the Dinner Church Collective, a stream of the Fresh Expressions movement. He and his wife, Melodee, work together to help churches reach isolated people in their communities by establishing “dinner churches” – a type […] Read More

Does Your Church Know Who Your Neighborhood Is?

We should add to the familiar question, “Who is my neighbor?” the less familiar inquiry, “Who is my neighborhood?” On the final night of a course on worship I’ve been teaching recently, we explored the extent to which our worship services were shaped by their neighborhoods or wider communities. This is a complicated matter. What […] Read More

Why You Must Cultivate a Generosity without Borders

First Lady Barbara Bush’s funeral was an inspiring and, for a brief moment, refreshing display of a kinder, gentler time in U.S. politics. David Priess posted an amazing photo on his Twitter feed of each of the presidents in attendance and their wives. He made this comment, “Each president in this photo did things I […] Read More