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Baptist Women in Ministry

EthicsDaily has taken a strong position when it comes to biblical egalitarianism. We believe God created both man and woman as equals, forever encouraging a mutual submission to each other based on love and respect. […] Read More

Announced by Baptist Women in Ministry and this summer, the first short documentary in a series on women in ministry will be available to stream online for free in mid-November. […] Read More

Scheduled for release on Oct. 1, a report will give the public a long overdue snapshot of female clergy across a wide spectrum of Christian denominations and traditions. […] Read More

“We are 500 years passed the Reformation,” says Rev. Alyssa A. Aldape, “and it is about time we highlight the good and faithful work of women who have graciously, and at times quietly, served as pastors in congregations, communities and hospitals.” This work of Baptist women is now getting the documentary treatment. Baptist Women in […] Read More

A micro-documentary series focused on women in ministry will be jointly produced by Baptist Women in Ministry (BWIM) and in 2018-19. Each micro-documentary will share a contextual story of one female minister in the U.S., focusing on her story and the setting in which she ministers. Focal points will include her calling, ministry highlights, […] Read More

I registered for a class called “The History of Women in Preaching” during my second semester at Beeson Divinity School. I took the course out of sheer curiosity; at the age of 35, as a life-long Baptist, I had never heard a woman preach. Was there really a history of women in preaching? If you […] Read More

Among my favorite collaborative partnerships has been one between Martha Stearns Marshall and Melissa Rogers. Martha and Melissa have worked together to amplify the voices of Baptist women preachers. You are thinking that I got this all wrong. Martha and Melissa lived in different centuries. They certainly never met. They had little in common – […] Read More

A fortuitous moment took place several months ago in a local used bookstore. I purchased a book titled “Ambassador of Reconciliation: A Muriel Lester Reader” without knowing anything about her. The book quickly found a place next to far too many books I have purchased and not found time to read. There it remained shelved […] Read More

Eighth in a series: In 1882, May C. Jones was ordained to the gospel ministry by a Northern Baptist church (now ABC-USA), making her the first woman ordained in that denominational body. In 1964, Addie Davis was ordained by a Southern Baptist church, making her the first woman ordained in that denominational body. In the […] Read More

Walking the Walk

Albert Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Seminary, has written an interesting assessment of the current state of women in Baptist ministry. Citing a study titled The State of Women in Baptist Life, 2005 by Baptist Women in Ministry, Mohler says that though moderate Baptists publicly affirm the right of women in ministry, they are reluctant […] Read More