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Disputes litter our lives. People backbite; politicians gaslight. Rather than hear the ugly truth, we pick up stones. In a world offering illusions at half price and selling wholesale deceptions, we must call for peace. […] Read More

In busy seasons of life like Advent, it’s all too easy to allow worry and anxiety to creep into your heart and mind, but kingdom-vision living removes the barrier that fear creates. […] Read More

A Baptist minister overcame his struggle with anxiousness by becoming more resilient through mindfulness, making him more mindful of his mental health and of God. […] Read More

In an increasingly stressful environment for ministers, what will it take to help them stay strong and joyful? Two steps will ensure your pastor remains a healthy and spiritually grounded leader. […] Read More

Too many pastors succumb to the pressures of pastoral ministry. Some take their own lives; others engage in self-harming behaviors. The church must recognize its vital role in ministering to the minister. […] Read More

Anyone feeling anxious? A better question: Anyone not feeling anxious? God’s people in the 21st century suffer a serious malady. We mouth the words of faithfulness while we live lives dominated by anxiety and frustration. For every time we parrot, “God is good, all the time, and all the time God is good,” there are […] Read More

New psychological research suggests that employees who are more actively religious are better able to cope with stress and are more likely to report that their lives have meaning. These are the key findings of a study presented on Jan. 9 at the annual conference of the British Psychological Society’s Division of Occupational Psychology in […] Read More

What Matters

A sermon by Howard Batson, First Baptist Church, Amarillo, Tx. Philippians 4:1-9 November 3, 2013 Our stress levels are off the chart, aren’t they?  The death of someone in our family.  The pain of divorce.  A court case pending.  Awaiting the lab results of the biopsy.  Having your name on the list for the next […] Read More

William Hordern has been a wholesomely balanced voice in the theological conversation for over half a century. In his 1955 book, “A Layman’s Guide to Protestant Theology,” Hordern surveyed the development of Protestant theology and described the way conservative theology had been identified with the anti-intellectual and anti-scientific ranting of extreme fundamentalists. At one point […] Read More

When Anne Lamott was expecting her son, Sam, she realized how much she feared that she would be unable to provide adequately for his needs.  She remembered that, during her own childhood, her parents were so cheap that they didn’t keep Band-Aids in the house. When Anne would fall and scrape her knee, there was nothing […] Read More