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Al Mohler

As an 18-year-old college freshman, Tyler Clementi threw himself off a bridge after what has been widely described as an incident of anti-gay bullying. Other students had surreptitiously filmed Tyler while he was having an encounter with another male in his dorm room, and they streamed it over the internet.   Tyler’s death rests in […] Read More

My blood pressure raised a few points when I read MSN’s front-and-center headline: “The End of Christian America.”   The article reported that according to the 2009 American Religious Identification Survey the number of people who claim no religious preference nearly doubled to 15 percent from 8 percent. The biggest change happened in the Northeast. […] Read More

This past week marked the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin. All across the country there were celebrations and denunciations ”not by the same people, of course. Celebrating Darwin’s life were scientists, biologists, medical researchers and others who deal in the life sciences. These are the folk who know that there is much we would not […] Read More

A Southern Baptist leader assailed from both the left and right for suggesting there may be some biological cause for homosexual orientation and supporting the use of prenatal treatment to reverse it if any medical test or treatment is found blamed much of the furor on headlines he said were misleading. “If I saw a […] Read More

A Southern Baptist theologian says debate over women in ministry is not a matter of biblical interpretation, but rather of obedience to God’s word. “I think it is an issue of basic obedience, because I don’t believe the Bible is at all unclear about this matter,” Albert Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, said […] Read More

Walking the Walk

Albert Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Seminary, has written an interesting assessment of the current state of women in Baptist ministry. Citing a study titled The State of Women in Baptist Life, 2005 by Baptist Women in Ministry, Mohler says that though moderate Baptists publicly affirm the right of women in ministry, they are reluctant […] Read More

Southern Baptist seminary president Albert Mohler on Wednesday renewed his call for Christian parents to have an “exit strategy” from public schools. On his live radio show, Mohler fielded a call from a listener who read in a Christian publication that Mohler endorsed a proposed Southern Baptist Convention resolution asking the denomination to assist churches […] Read More

Albert Mohler continues to demonstrate that he is not content to let the Bible be the Bible. In a December 2005 interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Mohler defended one of his more interesting authoritative pronouncements in recent years, a discourse on the “moral rebellion” of adult singleness and willing childlessness. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns […] Read More

Southern Seminary President Al Mohler has been cozying up to politicians for so long that he is now confusing church discipline with political-party discipline. In an article entitled “Should a church discipline members over politics?” Mohler says: “The right form of the church requires a common commitment to certain shared convictions. These commitments are irreducibly […] Read More

Jehoshaphat, king of Judah, and Ahab, king of Israel, joined forces to make war against the king of Aram. But before marching off on their holy crusade, Jehoshaphat insisted on consulting the word of God. About 400 prophets were gathered, who in one voice replied: “March, for Yahweh will deliver Aram into your hands.” But […] Read More