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Profiles in Goodwill: Tony W. Cartledge

By Staff | April 24, 2019

Tony W. Cartledge is professor of Old Testament at Campbell University Divinity School in Buies Creek, North Carolina, and contributing editor/curriculum writer for Nurturing Faith Journal and Bible Studies.

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The Hope of Lent: People Can Change – Including You

By Jim Kelsey | April 12, 2019
Change sign hanging on green door

The hope of Lent is that we will come out of it a bit different than when we entered, having changed in some way for the better. Here’s the story of one pastor who turned his back on his racial prejudice.

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Look Back | The False Wall Shielding Predator Preachers

By Robert Parham | April 12, 2019
Black-and-white photo of sad girl

Baptist leaders claim they have no authority over autonomous churches to police clergy who sexually abuse children. When they hide behind the false wall of local church autonomy, they protect the predators.

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When You Pay Your Taxes, You Love Your Neighbor

By Mitch Randall | April 11, 2019
Form 1040 tax document

With Tax Day looming, U.S. citizens across the country are thinking a lot about taxes. While writing that check to the IRS is a chore many do begrudgingly, remember that paying taxes is a way to show you love your neighbor.

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7 Healthy Habits to Help Churches Stay True to Their Purpose

By Bill Wilson | April 11, 2019
Aerial view of front an urban church

We all agree that it’s good for churches to have a clear vision and purpose. We disagree about how to live out that purpose. For some help, follow these 7 strategic-planning habits that Jesus modeled.

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Baptist World Aid Australia Publishes Ethical Fashion Guide

By Staff | April 11, 2019
Cover to ethical fashion guide from BWAA

Who are you wearing? Or, perhaps a better question: Are you wearing ethical clothing? Baptist World Aid Australia is urging consumers to check their fashion brands to ensure their clothes are ethical.

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