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Reducing the Gospel to Magic Formula, Instead of Calling

By John D. Pierce | August 23, 2019

Following Jesus has gone from being a sacrificial, ongoing calling to a sure-step, definable formula, in which one is free to ignore all kinds of things Jesus said and did – and still claim to be Christian.

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Meredith Stone, associate dean at Logsdon Seminary, is interviewed by executive director Mitch Randall about interpreting scriptures.

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Report: Insufficient Progress on Reaching Food-Related Goals

By Staff | August 14, 2019
Young impoverished boy eating food

Most of the UN’s food-related sustainable development goals are either off track or face an uncertain future of being reached by the target year of 2030, painting a ‘grim picture’ about the world’s ability to end hunger.

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Ministry Doesn’t Vacation; Neither Does Pain, Sadness, Hatred

By Kim Divelbiss | August 13, 2019
Despairing man with hands in head

There’s no vacation from ministering to others. Pain, sadness and hatred do not rest. In a world filled with darkness, may all who follow Jesus be inspired to listen, comfort and educate. And may love be our first response.

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A Conservative Dismantles Legalistic Anti-Immigration Defense

By Sean McKenzie | August 13, 2019
Brother Andrew in 2007

When people claim the US must obey the law and deport undocumented immigrants, their argument crumbles thanks to a lawbreaking, Bible-smuggling conservative Christian. When unjust laws contradict God’s will, there’s no contest.

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Even ‘Annoying’ Street Preachers Should Be in Public Square

By Stuart Blythe | August 13, 2019
Man with ‘Jesus’ sign approaching man outside

Some folks may question whether street preachers should be allowed in the public square, particularly if they’re annoying or confrontational. The public, however, is better served when such spaces are open for debate.

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Offering Thoughts, Prayers Can Make You Less Likely to Act

By Jen Zamzow | August 12, 2019
Man praying in worship service

When tragedy strikes, social media blazes with offers of thoughts and prayers. However, prayer was never meant to be a substitute for action. Jesus did not tell us to merely pray for those in need; he said to help them.

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