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Reducing the Gospel to Magic Formula, Instead of Calling

By John D. Pierce | August 23, 2019

Following Jesus has gone from being a sacrificial, ongoing calling to a sure-step, definable formula, in which one is free to ignore all kinds of things Jesus said and did – and still claim to be Christian.

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Meredith Stone, associate dean at Logsdon Seminary, is interviewed by executive director Mitch Randall about interpreting scriptures.

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Theological Malpractice Stands Culpable in Sexual Abuse

By Mitch Randall | August 15, 2019
Girl wearing jacket with hands covering face

Patriarchalism is a common thread running through church sexual abuse cases. Any theological conviction and practice that harbors abusers and vilifies victims should be truthfully regarded for what it is: theological malpractice.

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Maybe Military Should Organize Bake Sales, Not Schools

By Ken Sehested | August 15, 2019
Cakes on a display table for sale

Teachers and schools are in charge of our most precious resource yet struggle for adequate financing. What if schools enjoyed pork-barrel largesse and the military depended on corporate charity? Talk about a reversal of fortunes.

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Climate Change Increases Threat to World’s Food Supply

By Staff | August 15, 2019
Aftermath of forest fire

The stability of the world’s food supply is increasingly at risk due to climate change, a new report said, causing soil erosion, vegetation loss, wildfires, permafrost thaw and water scarcity.

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Profiles in Goodwill: David Balkum

By Staff | August 14, 2019
David Balkum

David Balkum serves Highland Park Baptist Church in Austin, Texas, as its ministry council chair.

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The Futility of Anger Toward Immigrants Who Need Your Help

By Jack Moline | August 14, 2019
Angry emoji on smartphone

When our ancestors first came to America, they arrived seeking a better life to sustain them. It’s no different today for those trying to cross our southern border. An ancient story illustrates the futility of being angry at them.

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