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The UN Declaration of Human Rights and Christian Faith – Part 1

By David P. Gushee | December 10, 2018

The U.N. Declaration of Human Rights, adopted 70 years ago, is deeply consistent with the Christian faith. It dreams of the “advent of a world” of justice, freedom and peace.

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Unmasking Our Shameful Story at Our Southern Border

By David Wheeler | November 30, 2018

The United States is the symbol of freedom. However, instead of welcoming immigrants fleeing gang warfare, prostitution, rape and grinding poverty, we lob tear gas at them. What kind of picture is that?

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Light in the Darkness | Advent One: Hope

By Richard Wilson | November 30, 2018

Globally, there is more uncertainty and anxiety. Old alliances – political and economic – seem to be in flux. Yet, as we enter into Advent, we are encouraged to embrace hope.

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Doing Righteousness This Advent for Those Seeking Asylum

By Molly T. Marshall | November 30, 2018

As we begin a new liturgical year, asylum-seekers are met at our southern border by soldiers and tear gas. If every congregation would commit to taking one family, the righteous work of hospitality could be done.

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Seeking the Light of Advent in Our Divided Society

By Mitch Randall | November 29, 2018

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Abraham Lincoln reminds us that those who continually divide themselves will inevitably fall. More than ever, we need the hope and light of Christ to shine brightly in our world.

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The UN’s Role in Defending Religious Freedom – Part 2

By Wissam al-Saliby | November 29, 2018

While evangelicals have no illusions that worldly systems are or can ever be perfect, the work evangelicals do with the United Nations to protect religious freedom matters.

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