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Despite Ouster, Baptist Church Stands for Jesus’ Love for All

By David Jordan | February 18, 2020

First Baptist Church of Decatur, Georgia, was asked to leave the Atlanta Metro Baptist Association for ordaining a deacon who is gay. The association’s action diminishes, even dismisses, the depth, breadth and power of Jesus’ love.

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“Bored Meeting” Cancelled

By Barry Howard | June 27, 2002

There are many lists of church bulletin bloopers that are circulating on the internet. On one copy of these humorous mistakes, I found a comical entry that read, “Church Bored Meeting this Sunday at 4 o’clock.” The real mistake may not have been in the misspelling of “board” but in the time. Some believe that […]

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Taxpayers Pony Up for Losing Ten Commandment Cases

By Staff | June 27, 2002

Government funds are paying legal fees across the country in losing court cases over the posting of the Ten Commandments in public buildings. Taxpayers may have to pony up as much as $90,000 in legal fees in Hamilton County, Tenn., despite the assurance from a county commissioner that no tax money would be used to […]

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“Minority Report”

By Roger Thomas | June 26, 2002

Steven Spielberg’s new film, “Minority Report,” may be appropriate just now. Just as our attorney general is reporting that we will hold someone indefinitely for crimes he may commit in the future, along comes a film about a pre-crime division of law enforcement in America. “Minority Report” is set in the year 2054, when a […]

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Three Places to Post the Ten Commandments

By Dwight A. Moody | June 26, 2002

“We post the Ten Commandments in our school,” said the principal to a church full of people, “as part of a historical display.” Vigorous applause swept through the gathering as he turned to me and said, “We have good lawyers.” I doubt that, I said silently to myself, thinking no lawyer could be good who […]

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Each American Wastes 300 Pounds of Food Per Year

By Ray Furr | June 26, 2002

Jell-O mud-wrestling, egg-throwing contests and bowling with frozen turkeys may be recreation to some people but to a former missionary who has seen hunger firsthand, these games are not fun—they are wasteful. One in 10 households in the United States is living with hunger or is at risk of hunger, while about 27 percent of […]

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