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A Message to Our White Friends: Stop Raising Racist Kids!

By Joao Chaves and Malcolm Foley | June 3, 2020

White friends, the deaths of unarmed black men and women have revealed the worst tendencies of our white supremacist society. To end white supremacy, we must fight it where it begins – in your homes and your hearts.

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Antonio Moore, attorney, producer and host of ToneTalks, talks about the intersection of race and religion at the Angela Project.

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Major Mistakes Churches Make

By Barry Howard | October 30, 2002

Churches are prone to make mistakes. Although these mistakes may afford short-term numerical growth, they inevitably diminish the overall health of a congregation and taint the integrity of a local church. Some of the mistakes are major and some are minor. In other words, churches are prone to make mistakes. Although these mistakes may afford […]

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Noise, Traffic Keep Houses of Worship Away From Suburbs

By Jodi Mathews | October 30, 2002

Noise and traffic will keep houses of worship out of the suburbs, according to a recent court decision banning churches and temples in residential areas. The Oct. 16 decision by the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals posed a setback to a Jewish congregation trying to open a synagogue in a Philadelphia suburb. “The court […]

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Churchgoing Population Declines

By Jodi Mathews | October 29, 2002

New research indicates that baby boomers are ditching church at a higher rate than ever before. “The number of churchgoing Americans who have quit attending has grown to 14 percent of the population in the past decade, up from 7 percent, and millions of them are baby boomers who were part of the ‘Jesus Movement’ […]

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Annual Meetings of Baptist Associations

By Gary Farley | October 29, 2002

For the 167th time, people from the Baptist churches around this area came together for worship, celebration, fellowship and wonderful meals. While the annual meetings of associations have evolved across the years, these elements have remained constant. This is the heartland of the Baptist movement in America. For many of us, this is the real […]

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Ag Department Gives Organic Products New Labels

By Jodi Mathews | October 29, 2002

Health-conscious shoppers can confidently buy organic products with new federal labeling rules instated Oct. 21. Consumers don’t have to take producers’ word for it anymore. The Department of Agriculture’s new labeling assures buyers that food labeled “organic” really is. “For more than 12 years organic farmers, environmental groups, chefs and food executives have lobbied for […]

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