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Public School Proud | Half-Full Ministry to Your Schools

By Suzii Paynter | March 26, 2019

There are no TV cameras. There is no celebrity. The Dow Jones doesn’t rise and fall based on ministry to neighborhood kids. But your church makes a difference with a half-full attitude when you minister to your public schools.

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 Mitch Randall, executive director of, interviews several Oklahoma teachers regarding the current crisis in public education funding.

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The Practice of Living Faithfully

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Should Taxpayers Subsidize Pro Teams?

By Cliff Vaughn | May 1, 2001

Americans love their sports, and according to some new research, they are willing to pay for them. U.S. taxpayers have spent upwards of $5 billion to help build over 50 professional sports stadiums since 1990. That was one interesting statistic discussed at an April 2 Cato Institute policy forum on taxpayer subsidies for sports arenas. […]

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Study Finds U.S. Mosques Growing, Increased Diversity Among Muslims

By Alex Smirnov | May 1, 2001

Proving that Muslims are the fastest-growing religious community in the United States, a study released last week found the number of U.S. mosques has increased by 25 percent in six years. The study titled “The Mosque in America: A National Portrait” found that the 1,209 mosques across the country, compared to 962 in 1994, are […]

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Wednesday’s Shows are Full of Grace

By Rini Cobbey | May 1, 2001

Often we cry foul in a society we believe undermines our values. We dismiss the cultural products–like television shows–of supposed enemies of what is good and true. The following stories aired back-to-back on a recent Wednesday evening: On “Ed,” a high school senior’s parents sued the physical education teacher for assigning grades based on Fitness […]

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Little Evidence that Religious Programs Are More Effective than Secular Ones

By Staff | April 24, 2001

The claim that religious programs are more effective than secular programs will be center stage this week when Congress holds hearings on federal funding for faith-based social ministries. One of the key players on the stage will be Byron R. Johnson, a social scientist at the University of Pennsylvania, who has tried “to measure the […]

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The Truth Shall Make You Nicotine Free

By Cliff Vaughn | April 24, 2001

“FORGET ALL THE HEALTH RISKS. If The Beautiful People Do It, It Must Be Okay!” That’s the “warning” on a print ad depicting several young folk sitting around tables in a nightclub. These nice-looking people seem happy, even as they converse over cigarette butts clogging ashtrays. But their conversational partners are stuffed in black plastic […]

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