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Behind the Bars | 7 Ways You Can Remember Those in Prison

By David Balkum | June 25, 2019

Even though Scripture tells us to remember the prisoners, the church has washed their hands of that command. How do we turn that around? Here are 7 ways you and your church can begin to remember those in prison.

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Participants at the Third National Baptist-Muslim Dialogue in Green Lake, Wisconsin on April 16-19, 2018, discuss the question, "Why dialogue?"

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BCE Equips Churches to Study Changes in Baptist Faith and Message Statement

By Staff | February 5, 2002

In 2000, when the Southern Baptist Convention revised the time-honored 1963 faith statement, it moved away from the historic Baptist commitment of confessions of faith toward creedal religion. One SBC official said that the adoption of the new statement meant, “You don’t have a right to believe whatever you want to believe, and still call […]

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Harry Potter Series Tops List of Most-challenged Books

By Jared Porter | February 4, 2002

The Harry Potter series topped the American Library Association’s 2001 list of most-challenged books for the third year running, the ALA reported in January. The popular children’s series, penned by Scottish author J.K. Rowling, “drew complaints from parents and others concerned about the books’ focus on wizardry and magic,” according to the ALA.<?xml:namespace prefix = […]

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Practicing Good Hospital Etiquette

By Barry Howard | February 4, 2002

Visiting the sick has traditionally been a ministry for both clergy and laity. People of faith feel a spiritual responsibility to visit the sick, especially those in the hospital. When Jesus told a story about compassionate ministry to his disciples, he used an example of ministry to the sick: “I was sick and you visited […]

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Missionaries will agonize: Conscience vs. continuation

By Marv Knox | February 4, 2002

The following editorial was published in the Feb. 4 issue of Baptist Standard. Grief and agony laced the words of a father who called last week. His children live half a world away, where they have devoted their lives to spreading the gospel. They traded security of home for solitude of the mission field. They […]

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Statistics Show Women Already Leading the Way in Church

By Carol Ann Vaughn | February 1, 2002

The majority of Americans who attend church and are involved in Christian discipleship are women. The majority of Americans most likely to engage in daily devotions, to pray and to read the Bible are women. The majority of Americans who attend church and are involved in Christian discipleship are women. The majority of Americans most […]

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