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EthicsDaily 2018: Working with Partners Addressing Racial Justice

By Mitch Randall | December 11, 2018

EthicsDaily is committed to working alongside partners addressing the destructive ramifications of racism while seeking pathways toward repentance, reconciliation and redemption. And you can help with that future work.

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Charles Johnson, founder and executive director of Pastors for Children, talks about public education as a public trust.

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Media’s Focus on Lieberman’s Faith Calls Baptists to Practice Discernment

By Robert Parham | September 1, 2000

Senator Joseph Lieberman’s religious beliefs are one of this week’s major news stories, following a Sunday morning appearance at an African-American church in Detroit, a Monday morning interfaith breakfast in Chicago and a Monday letter from the Anti-Defamation League. The New York Times carried a piece on Friday, September 1, that said Democratic vice-presidential candidate […]

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Baptist Press Attacks BCE Curriculum Writers

By Staff | August 31, 2000

Baptist Press has attacked curriculum lesson writers apparently without reading the lessons themselves. Released August 30, a BP story criticized the Baptist Center for Ethics’ online curriculum related to the changes in the Baptist Faith and Message. BCE, a freestanding organization, produced an undated, 13-lesson curriculum series on the changes the Southern Baptist Convention made […]

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Baptist Press ‘Moves Away From Fairness’

By Robert Parham | August 29, 2000

Two news stories about the death of a journalist illustrate competing approaches to journalism. The Baptist Press story about Al Shackleford’s death in a car accident gave two short sentences to the emotional events surrounding his termination 10 years ago by the Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee. The Associated Baptist Press story on Shackleford’s death […]

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What’s Behind Baptist Press’ ‘Lack of Objectivity’?

By Robert Parham | August 29, 2000

Behind Baptist Press’ disregard for truthfulness and fairness is the journalistic approach of Marvin Olasky, editor of World magazine. A professor of journalism at the University of Texas, Olasky is best known as the architect of George W. Bush’s catchphrase “compassionate conservatism.” Bush and Olasky first met when Bush was running for governor in 1993. […]

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Married With Checking

By Sarah Griffith | August 29, 2000

Women are becoming increasingly involved in financial decisions for their households, according to a recent article. “The female half, once limited to such weighty matters as grocery spending, is now an equal partner in long-term financial decisions such as mortgages, investments, and estate planning,” wrote Joan Raymond, in the July issue of American Demographics. Women […]

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