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Profiles in Goodwill: Joe Phelps

By Staff | February 20, 2019

Joe Phelps is the new justice coordinator for Earth and Spirit Center and co-chair of Empower West, a Louisville, Kentucky, black-white clergy coalition. He served previously as pastor of Highland Baptist Church in Louisville.

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A teaser for the Arizona narratives in's faith and immigration documentary, "Gospel Without Borders."

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More People Seeking Purer, Healthier Foods

By Jodi Mathews | May 8, 2001

Price and availability may not be excuses for not buying organic in the future as demand for healthier, more environmentally friendly food continues to increase. Organic food has increased to include 3 to 5 percent of all food sales in Europe, according to an article in the May/June World Watch magazine. “This bull market is […]

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Spring Brings About Unusual Legislation

By Alex Smirnov | May 8, 2001

During the first week of May lawmakers from two states received media spotlight by considering legislative issues. A new measure approved by the Louisiana legislature last Tuesday implied that Charles Darwin was responsible for the racist ideologies of the late 19th century and for Adolf Hitler’s persecution of Jews, according to “Be it resolved […]

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Bankruptcy Law Reform Likely To Help Credit Companies, Not Debtors

By Alex Smirnov | May 1, 2001

An estimated one million Americans declare bankruptcy each year. However, growing awareness of bankruptcy law abuses could lead President Bush to sign a bankruptcy reform bill, which would extend debtors’ responsibilities and offer credit card companies more freedom in collecting their dues. Today’s risk groups not only include rich entrepreneurs and middle-aged debtors, but also […]

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Should Taxpayers Subsidize Pro Teams?

By Cliff Vaughn | May 1, 2001

Americans love their sports, and according to some new research, they are willing to pay for them. U.S. taxpayers have spent upwards of $5 billion to help build over 50 professional sports stadiums since 1990. That was one interesting statistic discussed at an April 2 Cato Institute policy forum on taxpayer subsidies for sports arenas. […]

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Study Finds U.S. Mosques Growing, Increased Diversity Among Muslims

By Alex Smirnov | May 1, 2001

Proving that Muslims are the fastest-growing religious community in the United States, a study released last week found the number of U.S. mosques has increased by 25 percent in six years. The study titled “The Mosque in America: A National Portrait” found that the 1,209 mosques across the country, compared to 962 in 1994, are […]

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