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The UN Declaration of Human Rights and Christian Faith – Part 1

By David P. Gushee | December 10, 2018

The U.N. Declaration of Human Rights, adopted 70 years ago, is deeply consistent with the Christian faith. It dreams of the “advent of a world” of justice, freedom and peace.

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Poll Data Shows Americans Hold Government Most Responsible for Addressing Poverty

By Sarah Griffith | February 14, 2001

Most Americans say the federal government is more responsible than organized religion for caring for the poor, according to a recent review of poll data. “A review of Gallup poll data shows that, on one hand, Americans are very religious but that, on the other hand, Americans have been more likely to think that government, […]

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“Left Behind” Misses Revenue Goal, Gets Mixed Reviews

By Robert Parham | February 13, 2001

Producers of the movie Left Behind missed their goal of making the film the number-one-ranked movie in America in the first weekend of February. According to box office figures on Entertainment Weekly’s Web site, Left Behind ranked No. 17 in weekend grosses for Feb. 2 through 4. It generated $2.2 million, compared to The Wedding […]

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Leave “Left Behind” on the Video Store Shelf

By Robert Parham | February 13, 2001

Having spent an afternoon watching this PG-13 video, I can vouch for the critical reviews of the most expensive Christian movie ever produced. The most compelling segment of Left Behind is at the very beginning when a TV reporter covers a startling  scientific development in Israel that will end world hunger. Believable frames are replaced […]

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Strategy for “Left Behind” Includes Promotion in Local Churches

By Staff | February 13, 2001

Left Behind was first released Oct. 31 on video and aggressively promoted within conservative Christian circles. The Los Angeles Times reported that Left Behind sold 2.5 million video copies, “making it 2000’s best selling independent video.” Cloud Ten, the production company, offered two movie theater passes with the purchase of the video and hoped the […]

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Four Problems with Federal Dollars to Faith Community

By Robert Parham | February 7, 2001

Jesus told his disciples to be “wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” Serpentine wisdom referred to tough-mindedness, according to Martin Luther King, Jr. The nature of doves related to compassion. People of faith must be sharp minded and tender hearted, King said. He lamented that too often believers reverse Jesus’ admonition. They are soft […]

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