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Church, We Have a Problem: White Patriarchalism

By Mitch Randall | June 14, 2019

The U.S. church needs a reality check. For 2,000 years, the Western church has been dominated by a white European patriarchy that has created a self-perpetuating system for a favored class. But there’s hope. A new dawn is rising.

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Jennifer Lau, associate executive director of Canadian Baptist Ministries, shares about CBM's "She Matters" initiative.

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Lessons Learned from a Transformed Deacon

By Eddie Hammett | March 13, 2002

I met Charlie Bris-Bois about five years ago in Winston-Salem while doing a seminar on preparing the church for the 21st century. Charlie voiced skepticism about some of my ideas and even confessed he “liked things the way they were.” The second time I saw Charlie, in a similar setting some months later, God had […]

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British Official Fights to Keep Farrakhan Out of the UK

By Staff | March 13, 2002

British Home Secretary David Blunkett appealed to his country’s Court of Appeal to keep Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan out of Britain. Farrakhan has been banned from Britain since 1986 because previous home secretaries feared his presence could lead to public disorder, according to Guardian. But he successfully challenged the ban in 2000 and […]

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Choosing a Bible Is Partly a Matter of Faith

By Everett Goodwin | March 12, 2002

“It’s in the Bible!” But which one? The good book is available in an unprecedented number of translations, versions and forms. Leaving aside translations into most of the world’s languages, English versions alone are numerous and growing. They include new translations wholly or significantly from original sources, such astheNew Jerusalem Bible. “Revised” translations of the […]

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Creation-Care: Three Women Pioneers

By Jim Ball | March 12, 2002

Women’s History Month is a fine time to highlight three women who impacted creation-care in the United States. When it comes to environmental history, many have heard of John Muir, veritable founder of the <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />U.S. preservation movement and first president of the Sierra Club, established in 1892. But […]

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Christians Finding their Soul Mates on the Web

By Jodi Mathews | March 12, 2002

Christians may not be willing to subject themselves to the likes of TV’s latest dating shows, “Elimidate,” “5th Wheel,” “Blind Date,” “Dismissed,” “Change of Heart” or “Temptation Island.” But, when it comes to finding the perfect mate, Christians have many options on the Web. With sites like,,, and, Christians are […]

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