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Stripping People of Their Agency Robs Their Dignity

By Devon Dundee | September 21, 2018

Agency refers to peoples’ ability to act and make decisions for themselves. Often, people have been stripped of their agency, treated as less than human. We must become agents of agency.

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Baptist Women: Separate Spheres

By Carol Ann Vaughn | June 20, 2000

The first great wave of Baptist women mission volunteers coincided with the first American movement for women’s rights, in the 1840s. At that time mainstream American religion prescribed the role of “domestic evangelists” for women. Their ministry was to occur in the private “sphere” of the home, “separate” from men. As Baptists competed with Methodists […]

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Column Compares SBC, CBF

By Robert Parham | June 13, 2000

Here is a seven-point guidepost to how the Southern Baptist Convention and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship differ. The Southern Baptist Convention is the country’s largest Protestant denomination, but not the only national body of Southern Baptists. Two weeks from now, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship also will meet here. Members in these two organizations once shared […]

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Funeral Industry Rip-Offs: What Can Churches Do?

By Sarah Griffith | June 6, 2000

Many Americans are spending too much on unnecessary funeral expenses. “The current American standard for funeral care, is in large part, a product of marketing. It is a sentimental, mass-produced, packaging of ‘traditions’ (many of which never were), aided by the general public’s ignorance of actual legal requirements,” wrote Julie Polter in the May-June 2000 […]

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Looking Back at Baptist Women: Great Awakenings

By Carol Ann Vaughn | June 6, 2000

Baptist women participated in both the First and Second Great Awakenings in America. Both revival movements produced many Baptist women preachers, prophets, educators and missionaries. From Freewill Baptists, Mary Savage and Sally Parsons preached to New England crowds in the 1790s. The press touted revival evangelist Clarissa Danforth as the “sensation preacher of this decade” […]

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An ‘Idolatrous’ Revision of Faith

By Bob Setzer Jr. | June 6, 2000

Nowhere did Jesus limit women to a subordinate role in his kingdom. In fact, quite the opposite. At every turn, he lifted them up. But there is a far more serious revision in the “new” Baptist Faith and Message (a confessional statement first adopted in 1925). The revision removes Jesus Christ as the “criterion for […]

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