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Profiles in Goodwill: Jennifer Lau

By Staff | December 13, 2018

Jennifer Lau is associate executive director of Canadian Baptist Ministries.

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Charles Johnson, founder and executive director of Pastors for Children, talks about public education as a public trust.

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The 1 Thing You Need to Survive Church Difficulties: Trust

By Jim Kelsey | December 7, 2018

If you’re a church leader, your first task is to establish trust. If trust exists, a church and their leaders can survive the stress of tough finances, deteriorating buildings and declining membership.

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Calling for Peace in Our Backbiting, Gaslighting World

By Starlette Thomas | December 7, 2018

Disputes litter our lives. People backbite; politicians gaslight. Rather than hear the ugly truth, we pick up stones. In a world offering illusions at half price and selling wholesale deceptions, we must call for peace.

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EthicsDaily 2018: Working with Partners to Strengthen Interfaith Relationships

By Mitch Randall | December 6, 2018

Throughout its history, EthicsDaily has been committed to fostering interfaith dialogue and collaboration. With your support, we’ll continue to tell more inspiring stories of global partnerships and interfaith cooperation.

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Solidarity with the Poor: Are We All Talk, No Action?

By Leroy Seat | December 6, 2018

With 40 million in the U.S. alone living in poverty, people who profess to be followers of Jesus – and all people of goodwill – must seek to live in solidarity with the poor. Easy to talk about; harder to do.

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Are You a Prophet? Speaking Truth Even When It’s Uncomfortable

By Roger Olson | December 6, 2018

While prophecy means many different things to different people, every one of God’s people are called to speak truth even when it makes others uncomfortable.

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