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Why Social Justice, the Kingdom of God Go Hand in Hand

By Colin Holtz | February 18, 2019

Although many conservative white evangelicals decry social justice, using terms like “social justice warrior” as a pejorative, it’s impossible to separate it from the Kingdom of God. Let’s explore what the Bible means by justice.

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Jennifer Lau, associate executive director of Canadian Baptist Ministries, talks about the "She Matters" campaign.

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Sacred Texts, Social Duty: A Documentary about Faith and Taxation

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How to Know When Your Church is Ready to Transform – Part 1

By Mark Tidsworth | February 12, 2019

Regardless of denomination, churches are bleeding members. To turn it around, they need to give up the church-as-we-have-known-it mindset and be willing to transform. These five components show your church is ready.

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Millennials Affirm Sharing Faith, Unsure about Converting Others

By Staff | February 12, 2019

While nearly all Christian millennials affirm sharing about Jesus is part of their faith, nearly half also believe it’s wrong to share with someone of a different faith in an effort to convert them.

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Center Works to Counter Abuses Caused by Bad Theology

By Helen Paynter | February 11, 2019

Bad theology and bad biblical interpretation can cause people to do all sorts of appalling actions in the name of God. To counter those abuses, Bristol Bible College has launched the Centre for the Study of Bible and Violence.

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Why Are Nearly Half of U.S. Adults Feeling Lonely?

By Brent McDougal | February 11, 2019

Nearly half of U.S. adults feel lonely, especially young adults born in the mid-1990s and early 2000s. How can so much loneliness exist in a highly populated world? Our self-imposed patterns often lead to loneliness.

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How Your Church Can Help Families Bring Sunday into Monday

By Christina Embree | February 11, 2019

When discussing liturgical practices, such as communion and baptism, and how they can be used to address current themes, the church can only do so much. So how can the church help families continue that dialogue at home?

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