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The Secret’s Out #2: Churches Mum About LGBTQ Affirmation

By Merianna Harrelson | July 19, 2019

Even churches on the progressive end of the Baptist spectrum, who are open to the LGBTQ community being members, still prefer that their welcoming stance and support of same-sex marriage aren’t too widely broadcast.

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Dimitrina (Didi) Oprenova, minister of Sofia Baptist Church in Bulgaria and vice president of the Baptist World Alliance, is interviewed by executive director Mitch Randall about living out Galatians 3:28.

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Emerging Voices | How Christianity Grows in China Despite Restrictive Conditions

By Fayiah S. Tamba | July 15, 2019
Globe displaying country of China

Christianity in China is growing at a rate not seen since the 1930s. Despite political restrictions and regulations on constructing church buildings, Christians adapt to meeting in hotels or private premises for worship services.

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Many US Protestants Rarely Read Their Bibles Daily

By Staff | July 15, 2019
Person reading Bible outdoors

Barely one out of three Protestant and nondenominational adults in the US who attend church at least monthly read their Bible each day, a report says. Nearly nine out of 10 read their Bibles at least monthly.

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Baptists By the Sea

By Mitch Randall | July 12, 2019
Cassandra Jones

Representing 50 million Baptists around the globe, the Baptist World Alliance’s yearly meeting zeroed in on three themes: missions and evangelism, women in ministry, and the need for a theoretical and pragmatic hermeneutic.

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More Than 1 Million Refugees Will Need Resettlement in 2020

By Staff | July 12, 2019
Image of child refugee superimposed over war conflict

An estimated 1.44 million refugees will need to be resettled in 2020, a U.N. agency report said. Africa is projected to have the highest resettlement needs for 2020 with more than 667,000 people.

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Look Back | More to Loving Neighbors Than Being Neighborly

By Tarris D. Rosell | July 12, 2019
Man wearing with cap with words “Love Your Neighbour”

Some of us admirably keep the greatest commandments – loving God and loving your neighbor – but most of us fail to do these Christian ethics. Loving your neighbor means more than being neighborly. It’s hard but not impossible.

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