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5 Practical Measures to Turn Around Our Declining Environment

By Sam Harrell | April 22, 2019

We need to be seriously concerned about our earth and the life systems that comprise it. These 5 practical measures offer a path of hope and will give us plenty to do.

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An online discussion about barriers to church engagement on creation care. Features Brian Kaylor, associate director of Churchnet, and Helle Liht, assistant general secretary of the European Baptist Federation.

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Walk His Way: Discipleship Lessons from Mark's Gospel

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4 Ways Your Church Can Stand Against White Nationalism

By Wissam al-Saliby | April 17, 2019
Wissam al-Saliby, New Zealand, Christchurch, Populism, White Nationalism, Xenophobia, Homophobia, Misogyny, White Supremacists, Evangelicals, World Evangelical Alliance, Human Rights, United Nations

White nationalism is a growing global phenomenon. In some countries, evangelicals have been accused of complicity. Here are 4 ways your church can take a stand against the rise of white nationalism.

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Half of Children Aged 3-6 Not in Pre-Primary Education Programs

By Staff | April 17, 2019
Girl from India

Half of the world’s children – 175 million – between 3 and 6 years old are not enrolled in pre-primary education programs, UNICEF said, putting them at a disadvantage that will follow many of them throughout their lives.

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When Christians Put Party Politics Ahead of Their Faith

By Caroline Smith | April 16, 2019
U.S. Capitol Building at night with caution tape in foreground

Many Christians allow the U.S. political system and their choice of news media to determine their response to current issues. However, Christians should have a higher calling and greater responsibility than partisan politics.

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‘Paradoxology: Why Christianity Was Never Meant to Be Simple’

By Jon Kuhrt | April 16, 2019
Question mark in a cartoon bubble

“Paradoxology: Why Christianity Was Never Meant to Be Simple,” a book by Krish Kandiah first published in 2014, does not shy away from some of the most difficult questions about the Bible. It’s a great gift to the church.

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How Long You Live Depends on Your Nation’s Wealth

By Staff | April 16, 2019
Homeless person sitting on sidewalk and begging

Nearly 20 years. That’s the difference in life expectancy between richer and poorer economies, a World Health Organization report found. And in low-income economies, one out of every 41 women dies from maternal causes.

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