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Meet Mitch Randall

Randall holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Northeastern State University, a Master of Divinity with biblical languages from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry degree from George W. Truett Theological Seminary.

He is an Oklahoma native who served previously as pastor of NorthHaven Church in Norman, Oklahoma, from 2006 to 2017, and before that served churches in Nickerson, Kansas; North Richland Hills, Texas; and Bedford, Texas. He appeared in the 2009 documentary, "Different Books, Common Word: Baptists and Muslims."

"Mitch Randall brings experience, energy and vision to the leadership position of BCE," said Suzii Paynter, executive coordinator at the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. "Picking up a strong legacy, he will forge a new bright future for BCE."

Randall is committed to upholding Baptist traditions while building ecumenical relationships with other Christians and other people of faith.



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Articles by Mitch Randall

The Kavanaugh Affair, Patriarchal Power and the Decline of Decency

By Mitch Randall | October 4, 2018

The hearings about Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court displayed the patriarchal power of a ruling class demanding its entitlement be respected and insulting victims of sexual abuse.

What European Baptists Know About Modeling Collaboration, Civility

By Mitch Randall | October 2, 2018

European Baptists, who met recently in Ukraine, are a diverse lot. However, they have discovered that their diversity – while challenging at times – is actually a strength.

European Baptists’ Meeting Illustrates Our Bright Future

By Mitch Randall | September 28, 2018

Meeting in Ukraine this week, the European Baptist Federation council illustrates how if all Baptists learn to work together and practice reconciliation, we face a bright future.

The Bright Lights of Baptists

By Mitch Randall | September 20, 2018

Even as the world seems to grow darker with time, rest assured that the bright lights of the next Baptist generation are shining. They see the world with honest eyes and as it can be.

Why Social Justice is Vital Component of the Gospel

By Mitch Randall | September 13, 2018

Social justice is a vital component of the gospel. It is not the whole gospel, but one should not divorce it from the message and ministry of the church either. Here’s why I am an advocate for social justice.

Sports, Protests, Patriotism and the Hypocrisy of Many

By Mitch Randall | September 6, 2018

After the announcement of Nike’s deal with former quarterback Colin Kaepernick, his critics continue to focus on the means of his protest instead of looking at the problem he’s been protesting.

Ministering to Ministers: 10 Vital Ways You Can Help

By Mitch Randall | August 30, 2018

Too many pastors succumb to the pressures of pastoral ministry. Some take their own lives; others engage in self-harming behaviors. The church must recognize its vital role in ministering to the minister.

The Gospel According to Aretha

By Mitch Randall | August 23, 2018

After 76 years of beautifully and powerfully singing her gospel to the world, Aretha Franklin, the “Queen of Soul” and daughter of a Baptist minister, joined the celestial choir.

The New Segregation of Schools

By Mitch Randall | August 16, 2018

While the Supreme Court ended public school segregation in 1954, a new segregation has emerged, separating the privileged from the poor and powerless. Here are 7 ways to turn the tide.

Why You Need to Become a Social Justice Investor Today

By Mitch Randall | August 9, 2018

At, we are working extremely hard bending the arc of the moral universe toward justice. And we are seeking new partners like you to become investors in social justice.