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2012 Is About Leadership

Leadership is the pole to which many issues are tethered in 2012. As the Arab Spring unfolds in a new year, the struggle is over leadership. American electoral politics is about leadership. Clashing Republicans seek to find a standard-bearer to challenge President Obama. At the state and local levels, both Republicans and Democrats seek their […] Read More

What would John Wesley, the founder of Methodism and the preacher of one of the most famous sermons on the use of money, say about vulture capitalism? First, what is vulture capitalism? Vulture capitalism is a verbal bomb being thrown by politicians and pundits in the Republican presidential campaign. Some find it reprehensible; others find […] Read More

Sunday’s roar of excitement in Denver and living rooms across the country over the Broncos’ 11-second overtime victory over the Steelers – the National Football League’s best pass-rated defense – drowned out the Tim Tebow-haters and fired up Tebow-mania. If football is a moralityplay, then this game was a 21st-century morality play of the first […] Read More

Southern Baptist Convention and Baptist World Alliance leaders met Dec. 19, 2011, eight years to the day that an SBC committee recommended that the SBC withdraw membership in and defund the BWA. A BWA press release said the recent meeting was a follow-up to a 2004 commitment that both parties would “meet at least once […] Read More

The Chamber of Commerce has a resource every pastor needs – and needs to be able to cite. If the goodwill faith community seeks the welfare of the undocumented immigrant based on the biblical imperative to care for the immigrant, the business community seeks the welfare of the undocumented based on what’s good for business. […] Read More

Wayne Flynt is’s pick as Baptist of the Year for 2011. When most Alabama Baptists applauded the state’s adoption of the nation’s meanest anti-immigration law and many goodwill Baptists were publicly mute or morally muddled, Flynt spoke truth to power without flinching. What he did wasn’t new. It’s what he has done on so […] Read More

“On earth peace,” said the heavenly hosts to the shepherds two millennia ago. Associated Press reported that a terrorist bomb killed 35 people at St. Theresa Catholic Church in Madalla, Nigeria, on Christmas Day, maiming the celebratory birth of the prince of peace. “There will never be peace until our demands are met,” said a […] Read More

When the Persian astronomers found Jesus in Bethlehem, “they fell down and worshipped him,” reads Matthew 2:11. “Opening their treasures, they offered him gifts, gold and frankincense and myrrh.” The word “treasures” means “treasure chests,” according to a dusty commentary on Matthew written by John A. Broadus, who noted the “Oriental custom” of giving gifts […] Read More

The parent company of – the Baptist Center for Ethics – observed its 20th anniversary this summer. Call it a very quiet celebration. We’ve said almost nothing about it on We’ve barely talked about it as a staff. We’ve had no party. Frankly, we’ve been too busy – too busy building on the […] Read More

The Tennessean announced last week its decision to eliminate anonymous online postings by readers using pseudonyms. The newspaper said it will require that readers disclose their identity through a Facebook account. The news story began with an account of what happened to Randy Rayburn, a restaurateur, who had publicly and vigorously opposed a state law […] Read More