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Sex trafficking generates an estimated $32 billion in annual profits and exploits some 21 million people globally – mostly women, children and the poor. Trafficking always creates multiple victims and harms families. An estimated 100,000 children under the age of 18 are ensnared in the U.S. sex industry. Yet, one would not know how widespread […] Read More

Jesus was a maker of havoc, said the award-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, who died from a heroin overdose. “My image of Jesus is someone who is exciting … Were he alive today, he would be causing havoc!” Perhaps by “havoc,” Hoffman meant disorder, rather than other meanings of the word, such as destruction, confusion […] Read More

How do we live out practically Jesus’ words in Matthew 5:16? Remember those words in the Sermon of the Mount? They follow Jesus’ words about how his followers are “the light of the world.” Matthew 5:16 reads, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and give glory to […] Read More

Why does it have to be an either-or proposition for ideological pundits, political columnists and politicians? Writing some weeks ago in the Wall Street Journal, Ari Fleischer, President George W. Bush’s former press secretary, framed an either-or argument on income inequality. “If President Obama wants to reduce income inequality, he should focus less on redistributing […] Read More

Obama’s presidential wink at marijuana comes when his public opinion ratings are at all-time low and with a dreadful, glassy-eyed comparison to alcohol. A BBC News headline read: “Barack Obama: ‘Marijuana no more dangerous than alcohol.'” After admitting his own well-documented pot smoking as a “kid” and cigarettes as an adult, Obama said, “I don’t […] Read More

Yep. It’s an Arabic-named media company, owned by an Arab government and headquartered in the Middle East – Qatar. I read the website daily, check its app on my iPhone throughout the day and follow it on Twitter. I think it’s one of the more reliable and insightful sources of information. And I’m a deep-water […] Read More

Two competing theological frameworks are at work in the American criminal justice system: retributive justice and restorative justice. Both are overviewed in “Through the Door,” our forthcoming documentary on prisons and faith. “Retributive justice is an eye for an eye,” said David Valentine, a documentary interviewee and pastor of Covenant Fellowship in Huntsville, Texas. “When […] Read More

As Pope Francis set aglow the global community in 2013, he has a phrase that could ignite a new way of Christian engagement in 2014, especially with those with whom we disagree and those we tend to dislike and disregard. What is it? “Culture of encounter.” Some two months after his election on March 13, […] Read More

Linda Leathers is’s pick as Baptist of the Year for 2013. She is the CEO of The Next Door (TND), a Nashville-based prison ministry that seeks to meet the abundant needs of women released from prison, one of which is helping them stay away from the environments that contributed to their incarceration. Other programs […] Read More

An atheist group put up a billboard near Philadelphia with the message “Keep Saturn in Saturnalia.” It was their anemic attempt to fuel the “war on Christmas” by countering a billboard sponsored by the Knights of Columbus, which read “Keep Christ in Christmas.” And yes, it suggests that this atheist group is really more anti-Christian, […] Read More