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Author Roger Olson

Roger Olson is the Foy Valentine professor of Christian theology and ethics at George W. Truett Theological Seminary in Waco, Texas. He is the author of numerous books, including “Counterfeit Christianity” and “The Story of Christian Theology.”

One of my favorite theologians is the late Emil Brunner, Karl Barth’s nemesis and counterpart in the dialectical theology movement in Switzerland in the 1920s through the 1950s. I say “nemesis” because they had a very famous and unfortunate, lengthy and complicated argument about “natural theology” in which Barth used very strong language against Brunner […] Read More

American conservative Christianity, especially conservative evangelical theology influenced by fundamentalism, still struggles with science. And, of course, many scientists struggle with religion – except that which is completely privatized and makes no truth claims about reality outside the self. Cornell University’s late, former president Andrew White’s “warfare of science with theology in Christendom” goes on […] Read More

Many Christians, including university professors at Christian universities, confuse popular culture with the Christian story. When I taught Christian theology (mostly historical theology) at an evangelical Christian liberal arts college, there was a strong emphasis on “integration of faith and learning.” And yet some of my faculty colleagues resisted the idea. Some ridiculed it. And […] Read More

Whatever happened to the Christian mind? This has been asked numerous times and by many Christian philosophers and theologians. A relatively recent classic on the subject is Mark Noll’s “The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind.” Francis Schaeffer, especially in his early works, decried Christian anti-intellectualism. A.W. Tozer, an evangelical preacher and writer of a previous […] Read More

I visit a lot of churches, having attended (more than once or twice) numerous churches of many denominations. And I read about churches. “Church life” is one of my strongest interests. I served as consultant for two editions of Abingdon’s “Handbook of Denominations” and I will be giving lectures about denominationalism at a Christian college […] Read More

When the cardinals of the Catholic Church elected a pope to replace retiring Benedict XVI, I commented that I was uninterested and didn’t care. The reason was simple: Not that I have anything in particular against Catholics or the Catholic Church but that, as a Baptist, the pope does not speak for me. Some Protestants, […] Read More

I have for a very long time written letters to newspaper editors about the problems I see affecting the whole of society because of the gradual decline of men and boys in education, health, work places and homes. For years I was ridiculed and called “goofy” for expressing such concerns and calling for greater attention […] Read More

I was chatting recently with a Christian magazine editor and the subject of the “nones” came up. The question on everyone’s mind, of course, is how to attract “nones” back to church, or at least how to keep millennials (many of whom are perceived as abandoning church altogether) in the churches. One strategy that’s floating […] Read More

Both the political and religious left and the political and religious right do it. It’s become the strategy of choice for ideologues who want to manipulate public opinion for a cause. It’s a sure sign of demagoguery and ought to be called out. Unfortunately, it’s become so common we take it for granted and are […] Read More

Transhumanism is a movement to promote the fundamental transformation of humanity, individually or collectively, through technology. This is not merely the promotion of human physical and mental enhancement but transformation. In other words, via technology, it is hoped, the human will evolve into a new life form with abilities not afforded by biology or current […] Read More