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Author Nick Lear

Nick Lear is a regional minister of the Eastern Baptist Association in the United Kingdom.

Dogma can be an easy way to learn some of the Christian faith’s fundamentals, but trouble ensues when Christians insist on applying dogma dogmatically without understanding that nuances exist. […] Read More

There are times when I read what another Christian has written or said, and I wonder whether I am reading the same Bible as them because I can’t justify their behavior based on what I read in my Bible. Now, I realize that in writing this column I am opening myself up to an accusation […] Read More

Recent events have led to a heart-breaking hashtag trending on the internet: #metoo. Women around the world are using this to speak out about the misogynistic or abusive treatment they have received at the hands of men. It has taken the immense courage of the women who have made allegations against such a high profile […] Read More

I grew up in an era when the threat of nuclear attack was real. The peace of the world existed in a tension that was known as MAD – mutually assured destruction. In other words, we would not blow up another country because we knew that they would blow us up in return – the […] Read More

The news recently has contained harrowing accounts of a number of hate-motivated attacks, including an attack against Muslims in Finsbury Park in north London. They have left me with a number of deep-rooted emotional responses. The first is deep, deep sadness for those who have been injured and bereaved. The second is anger that fellow […] Read More

Hate has been bothering me lately. Not, I hasten to add, because I am feeling hated, and not because I hate someone else. I was reading some comments online from someone I don’t know but whom I respect about the level of negative, critical, judgmental, cruel and rude comments they were receiving. It was horrible. […] Read More

In order to try to save trees and do a little bit toward helping the environment, I try to do a couple of things: I try to print double-sided (saving paper) and I try to re-use bits of paper on which I have only printed on one side (using them as scrap paper). I started […] Read More

“Top Gear” is immensely popular, attracting some of the top viewing figures for BBC1 TV. Cars are driven to places and in ways never done before. They are driven around a track at maximum possible speeds and used unconventionally – for example, as darts, converted into amphibious vehicles and more. The show does things with […] Read More

How do you read the Bible? That question has a range of answers from the simple, “You open the book and read the words on the pages,” to the complex, “You need to understand the culture surrounding the events and you need to understand the form of literature that you are reading.” Actually both are […] Read More

A meeting of United Kingdom magicians offered important lessons about Christian discipleship. At a recent meeting of the Mid Essex Magical Society, of which I am a member, we heard a lecture from Michael Vincent. It was a fascinating, inspiring and extremely enjoyable lecture. It was also quite profound, leaving me with several impressions that […] Read More