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Author Mitch Carnell

Mitch Carnell is a member of First Baptist Church of Charleston, South Carolina. He is the author of “Our Father: Discovering Family.” His writings can also be found at

I grew up in a small cotton mill village in upper South Carolina during the last years of the Great Depression. Churches and schools were the town’s foundation. I was fortunate to have teachers who were not only skilled and caring academics, but who lived Christian lives before us.   I never had any reason […] Read More

The lack of civility in our society has reached an alarming level. National political leaders refuse to condemn the over-the-top language and the call for violence. Words are powerful and they have consequences often far greater than the speaker may have intended. Much of the intemperate language is from frustration, some is economic angst, some […] Read More

Until we moved when I was in the sixth grade, I lived diagonally across the street from our church and the parsonage. Our pastor and his wife and two daughters were our friends. I was in and out of his home and study often. I was always a welcomed guest. As a child growing up […] Read More