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Author Mitch Carnell

Mitch Carnell is a member of First Baptist Church of Charleston, South Carolina. He is the author of “Our Father: Discovering Family.” His writings can also be found at

By all reports, the workplace is at its most toxic level. Bullying, disrespect and hostility are rampant. The protracted economic meltdown has only served to make matters worse. The result is an unhealthy environment that is costing both employers and employees. Workers are not as efficient or effective. They accomplish less in the same amount […] Read More

Carol and I left New York City on Sept. 2, 2001, after seeing “The Music Man” the night before on Broadway. Nothing could have prepared us for what lay ahead. “The Music Man” is about as American and apple pie as any show can be. It portrays our values in a delightful, light-hearted manner. We […] Read More

Does urging Christians to practice civility rob them of their ability to speak out on issues of great importance to them? This is the criticism I hear most often, that somehow striving for a more respectful dialog fosters a watered-down approach to the issues that confront us. Some have suggested that following this admonition is […] Read More

I was surprised and perplexed as I examined my curious, contradictory behavior. My wife and I go each summer for a week to the ChautauquaInstitution in western New York state, where we hear outstanding ministers from a variety of pulpits. I always take a notepad to the worship services and sit with pen ready to […] Read More

One of the most encouraging telephone calls I ever received came one Saturday morning.   The woman introduced herself as the wife of a former student. She wanted me to know that her husband had just been chosen as the administrator of a major hospital in Florida.   Then her husband came on the line. […] Read More

The cashier and I were concluding our discussion about the “Say Something Nice” button I was wearing when I handed one to the man who had just walked up.   “Fat chance,” he said looking at the button. “Those guys in Washington set a bad example.”   Back at home, I clicked on the national […] Read More

Our democracy is a fragile thing. The noble experiment we call the United States rests on the principle of mutual respect for one another. The question is as old as we are as a nation: Are ordinary human beings capable of governing themselves? No other country has ever tried it.   I know in my […] Read More

If you want to change your life, change your attitude. If you want to change your relationships, change your language. If you want to change the world, change the way you communicate with it.   What we have known and loved in the past is just that – past. We have romanced our newspapers, grown […] Read More

Where are the voices of reason in today’s overheated, overreaching rhetorical environment? As midterm elections draw closer and bitterness over mosque construction has spread across the country, the discord within several denominations also grows louder.   In contrast, there was a remarkable gathering at First Baptist Church of Charleston, S.C., in August 2007. Historians from […] Read More

With the dialogue concerning the construction of a mosque near Ground Zero heating up, I am reminded of a quote from Jonathan Swift: “We have enough religion to make us hate one another, but not enough to make us love one another.”   The idea to construct a mosque in that location is insensitive to […] Read More