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Author Mark Tidsworth

Mark Tidsworth is president of Pinnacle Leadership Associates.

Distrust for franchised organizations is on the rise, and that distrust applies to churches. Here’s how churches can reach people and communities who view them with a wary eye. […] Read More

How do you know when your church is ready for change? Pastors, church staff and lay leaders should ask these six questions before moving forward with major changes. […] Read More

He’s been our stable and reliable friend for so long, that “Average Sunday Attendance” (ASA) metric. We knew what he meant and maximized his role. We accepted his gift of reliable information, integrating him into so much of what we do. He informed our reports to our denominations, our monthly leadership team reports and our […] Read More

What are the cultural themes of the day? Division, greed, injustice, discrimination, selfishness, hate, fear – enough, please! So many in North America are fed up with the prevailing cultural winds blowing through our communities in 2018. Many of us are shaking our heads, muttering, “There’s got to be a better way to be human […] Read More

Remember Uncle Screwtape’s lengthy and insightful advice to his nephew Wormwood in the “Screwtape Letters,” published in 1942, by C.S. Lewis? Senior demon Uncle Screwtape advises junior demon Nephew Wormwood on how to turn “the patient” (a Christian person) toward their “Father below” (Satan). Always the insightful author, Lewis cuts through much Christian mythology using […] Read More

Not everyone in your community will resonate with your church. But someone(s) in your community will. Your collective expression of the gospel of Jesus Christ, your expression of church, will open the door to God for some people in your community. No, not for everyone, but for someone(s). There are people in your community who […] Read More

An intentional “clearing of the fields” is necessary in many congregations as part of the cultivation process that positions us for growth. When preparing fields for planting, farmers notice when rocks, roots or any other impediments are lurking in the growing environment. When noticed, they are removed as quickly as possible in order to enhance […] Read More

Religion is in the news again. An article by Daniel Burke, CNN’s religion writer, describes the chaotic clashing of religions and religious beliefs in the U.S. Burke cites several examples, including: President Trump declaring that the U.S. would recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, a move quickly scraping the veneer off competing religions in that region. […] Read More

A comment from a nearby table at a local coffee shop quickly grabbed my attention. A group of 20-somethings suddenly laughed when one of them said, “I love what Jesus was about, but I couldn’t be a Christian. I’m just not angry enough at everyone in the world to fit in with them.” They were […] Read More

We are constantly training ourselves on what we really believe is important, though typically with little conscious awareness. This is particularly true of congregations. How so? Whatever our leaders talk about most often is what we come to believe is really important. Just look at our leadership team, staff meeting and committee agendas. Or take […] Read More