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Author Jon Kuhrt

Jon Kuhrt is chief executive of West London Mission and a member of Streatham Baptist Church in South London.

For many people living or working in large cities, being asked for money is an everyday experience. It can often cause feelings of distress, guilt and confusion. What is the best way to respond to someone asking you for money? In 20 years of working with homeless people, it is by far the most common […] Read More

When I speak with Muslim friends in the United Kingdom, they will often express horror and disbelief at the terrible atrocities they see being done in the name of their faith by extreme Islamists. Sometimes, I have a similar experience as a Christian, too. Last Sunday, a friend of mine, Mark Perrott, who now lives […] Read More

Ashley Madison is the world’s largest website dedicated to facilitate people to be unfaithful to their partners. Their tagline sums it up: “Life is Short. Have an Affair.” But over the last few weeks, the hacking of their database by a group called the Impact Team has been front-page news. The group threatened to release […] Read More

Poverty has three faces: material, relational and personal (self-identity). Each aspect contributes to poverty and homelessness, as I discussed previously, requiring a holistic response to address the underlying causes. These range of issues display why homelessness brings together a whole range of social issues – the political issues of material poverty, the moral issues of […] Read More

I had a job cleaning in central London in 1990, which involved being on a main street by 7 a.m. The extent of the rough sleeping – homeless people who slept or lived outside – was shocking. Three to four people slept under almost every doorway, and a few roads felt like a homeless village. […] Read More

My 10-year-old son plays in a football (soccer) team in a south London league every Saturday. He is part of a great club, with dedicated coaches and he loves it. It is a very competitive league, but over the course of the season I have seen hardly any aggressive behavior, bad language or arguing with […] Read More

Everything Christian churches do beyond worshipping God and making new disciples is decoration, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby said. Since becoming the Church of England’s top man, Welby has caught the public’s imagination and headlines through his attacks on payday lenders, his concern for food poverty, and his willingness to challenge the government. Few could […] Read More

My next-door neighbor is a devout Muslim, and he is the best neighbor that it is possible to have.  He recently replaced the fence between our gardens. Not only did he refuse to accept any contribution from us for the cost of the new fence, but while we were away, he came round and coated […] Read More

The Daily Telegraph, a daily newspaper in Great Britain, reported recently on the findings of research by the Social Integration Commission (SIC) about the places where people from different backgrounds meet and mix with each other. The article, with the headline, “Churches are the best social melting pots in modern Britain,” says, “Overall, it found that […] Read More

A while ago an atheist friend who also works with homeless people said to me, “My motives are purer than yours. I do this work simply to help people; you do it so you can get into heaven.” I did my best to explain that while I am motivated by my faith, I have never […] Read More