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Author Ircel Harrison

Ircel Harrison is coaching coordinator for Pinnacle Leadership Associates and is supplemental associate professor of missional theology at Central Baptist Theological Seminary.

Bivocational ministry is emerging as a necessity for many churches and denominations, but most theological institutions still focus on full-time church ministry and mostly ignore other ministry models. […] Read More

Whether your church has always had a bivocational minister or is shifting from full-time to part-time, these guidelines will help make your pastor successful so your church can thrive. […] Read More

The Global Leadership Summit, produced by the Willow Creek Association, was held recently. Although its founder’s sexual impropriety scandal rocked the event, here are 4 reasons I’m glad I participated. […] Read More

‘Lost in Space’

A new “Lost in Space” reboot on Netflix is family-friendly, entertaining and not-to-be-overlooked amid the many science fiction series currently airing on various forms of television. […] Read More

There is a natural resistance or pushback when I talk with church people about innovation. I try to point out that the reason that the Christian movement has not only survived but also prospered over the years is the willingness of believers to learn, grow and innovate. Sometimes, our sources for innovation are found not […] Read More

The latest entry in the “Star Wars” canon, “The Last Jedi,” is an entertaining visual treat. Although it basically follows the structure of “The Empire Strikes Back,” it gives us as fans a solid second act in this new trilogy. I don’t intend to provide a traditional film review, but rather to reflect on a […] Read More

The story of American railroads in the 19th century is a focal point in Bob Johansen’s book, “The New Leadership Literacies.” Telegraph companies came to the railroad owners – ambitious people we often refer to as “robber barons” – and asked if they could string telegraph wires along the tracks. The railroad people thought this […] Read More

The messengers from First Baptist Church, Jefferson City, Tennessee, will not be seated at the annual meeting of the Tennessee Baptist Convention because they have called a woman as “senior pastor.” According to the organization’s constitution and bylaws, this means that First Baptist is no longer a “cooperating church” although they still send funds to […] Read More


Thurgood Marshall was a civil rights icon. As founder of the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, he argued 32 cases before the U.S. Supreme Court and won all but three. The most notable may have been Brown v. Board of Education, which threw out the “separate but equal” approach to public education. In 1967, […] Read More

Early in the history of the Christian church, believers were divided into two groups – the clergy and the laity. Clergy were those called to a full-time Christian vocation. Laity were the men and women who pursued secular vocations and supported the ministry of the clergy. Of course, these categories were not always hard and […] Read More