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Author Ferrell Foster

Ferrell Foster is director of ethics and justice for the Baptist General Convention of Texas’ Christian Life Commission.

Why the Johnson Amendment Protects Your Church

The tax bill passed by the U.S. House of Representatives would roll back the 1954 law prohibiting partisan political involvement by nonprofit organizations, including churches. The Senate version that passed over the weekend does not directly address the so-called Johnson Amendment, something the congressional conference committee will address during the reconciliation process. This effort to […] Read More

Anyone Could Be the Next Opioid Victim – Even You

I lay for three hours on a hospital bed with pain from kidney stones. The first shot of morphine had little impact; the second got me to a much better place. This took place a few years ago. Now, I read this: “Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opioid analgesic that is similar to morphine but […] Read More

Opioid Epidemic Leaves Trail of Pain

A beautiful young woman gets the job of her dreams. A major airline notifies Rhonda she has been accepted as a flight attendant, and she goes out to celebrate, as anyone would do upon getting her dream job. The dream turned into a nightmare on that evening in 1987. A car crash broke Rhonda’s back, […] Read More

Protecting Religious Freedom for People of All Faiths

A community in Quebec has done an interesting thing. The people of Saint-Apollinaire voted to not allow a Muslim cemetery in town. They did so for a rather high-minded reason. As reported by Peter Stockland in The Globe & Mail, supporters of the ban are against burial on the basis of any faith tradition, period. […] Read More

White Like Me But Refusing to Love Their Neighbors

A picture in the news this weekend showed three white men holding black shields and black flags. It occurred to me that, though younger, they looked like me. Without their foolish garb, we could be mistaken as being very much alike. If I could hear them talk, we might even speak with a similar accent. […] Read More

Old Wolf of Racism Appears in Alt-Right Sheep’s Clothing

Alt-right racism is both like and unlike the old racism. How they’re alike: Both see the white race as superior and in need of protection. How they’re different: The alt-right is generally educated, secular and young. The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) brought the alt-right to center stage during its 2017 annual meeting when it initially […] Read More

Healing Words Needed After Harsh Political Campaign

I stopped posting on social media about the presidential campaign a few weeks ago because I didn’t trust myself. I had not taken sides, but I was beginning to get angry and wanting to say mean things, to use unkind labels, to disrespect. It’s been hard not to comment, but I’m glad I refrained. My […] Read More

Many of Us Share Guilt in Exalting False God of Football

Like the people of ancient times, we still struggle with false gods. Today’s false gods come in the form of money, sexual gratification, fancy homes, political power, romantic love, financial security, our looks, impressive job titles, a collection of some sort, cars, guns and invitations to exclusive gatherings. I could go on. But one of […] Read More

King’s Insights Can Help Christians Confront Injustice

Every adult American can hear in their minds the voice, rhetorical skills and moving words of the late Martin Luther King Jr. He had the ability to move people with his spoken words in a manner possible of few people in history. He made the phrase, “I have a dream,” forever a part of the […] Read More

As Primaries Draw Near, Let’s Not Forget Civility

Things are about to get crazy in Texas – or crazier. It is less than two months before the Republican and Democratic primary elections here (March 1), and early voting begins Feb. 16. No party speaks for God. There will be committed Christians, as well as others, running in both parties. Some of them will […] Read More