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Author Dennis Bickers

Dennis Bickers is a church consultant and author. He served previously as the bivocational pastor of Hebron Baptist Church near Madison, Indiana, for 20 years followed by a 14-year ministry as a resource minister with the American Baptist Churches of Indiana and Kentucky.

Many pastors work as if they are indispensable, and their families and their health suffer. If they burn out, they will be of no value to their ministries or the Lord. […] Read More

I met with many pastor search teams to help them in that process while serving as an area resource minister. The majority of the churches in my area were smaller churches, and many of them were looking for bivocational leadership. One of the things that often hindered their search was the expectations they had of […] Read More

Is your congregation engaged in “purple cow ministries”? In 2002, Seth Godin published his best-selling book, “Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable.” This marketing book emphasized that to be successful it was important to stand out. When all the cows are brown, it becomes pretty boring, and people stop noticing. However, if you […] Read More

The declining number of folks from the Builder Generation will have a significant impact on local churches over the next decade. Local churches and denominations have talked for a long time about the overwhelming numbers of senior adults that make up our congregations. Many churches have focused a significant portion of their ministry toward their […] Read More

I served as the bivocational pastor of a church in my hometown for 20 years. After being called as a resource minister with the American Baptist Churches of Indiana and Kentucky, I worked with numerous bivocational churches. Prior to retiring from that role, we began to see a number of churches and pastors shift from […] Read More

Lack of communication is often a leading issue in church conflicts. As a resource minister for American Baptist Churches of Indiana and Kentucky, I was occasionally called in to address church conflict. While there were many reasons for the various conflicts, communication shortcomings were usually uncovered. So many times people would tell me that there […] Read More

There is a lot of useless information out there. Fake news sites publish fake stories and place them on social media where many of them quickly go viral. Because they confirm what people want to be true (or affirm what they already think), they share them with others, and these stories take on lives of […] Read More

I assisted dozens of churches as they sought a new pastor during my 14 years serving as a judicatory minister. It was always a challenge to find a pastor for smaller churches, and it became increasingly more difficult to find pastors for medium and larger churches as the years went by. As I talk with […] Read More

I am a proponent of strong pastoral leadership. I don’t believe in dictatorial, controlling leadership, but I do believe one of the reasons why churches struggle today is because of a lack of strong leadership from pastors. I believe in discerning God’s vision for the church, setting goals to enable that vision to be achieved […] Read More

Rick Warren recently described how Saddleback Church has changed its outreach and evangelism strategies over the years. When he first graduated from seminary, computers were large, slow machines used by very few people. The Internet was in its infancy, and no one had heard of email. The church used the tools that were available back […] Read More