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Author Brian Kaylor

Brian Kaylor is editor and president of Word&Way, associate director of Churchnet, and a contributing editor for

Global Baptists Promote Religious Liberty Concerns

Baptists from nearly 50 nations focused on religious liberty concerns in multiple nations during the annual gathering of the Baptist World Alliance in Bangkok, Thailand, the first week of July. Through resolutions, presentations and advocacy, the historic Baptist concern for religious liberty led to attention given to Iraq, Myanmar, Russia, Thailand, the United States and […] Read More

Tuesday’s Ballot Measures Brought Moral, Ethical Shifts

Numerous important ballot issues were largely unnoticed in the media’s coverage of Tuesday’s U.S. presidential election. Voters across the country offered their take on legislative ideas, particularly affirming marijuana usage, enacting stricter gun laws and increasing the minimum wage. Marijuana had a good night. Voters in four states – Arkansas, Florida, Montana and North Dakota […] Read More

Churches to Mark Election Day with Communion

Hundreds of churches across the country will attempt to focus on a more important commitment, as millions of Americans cast their votes next Tuesday. While ballots are being counted and pundits jump to conclusions, Christians across the denominational spectrum will gather for communion. An initiative known as Election Day Communion urges churches to hold a […] Read More

Welcoming Refugees as ‘Guests’ in Jordan

Welcoming refugees is a traditional act of hospitality for the nation of Jordan. An estimated 1.4 million Syrians fled south to Jordan over the past few years, a number equivalent to about 20 percent of Jordan’s population. Only Turkey and Lebanon currently host more Syrian refugees. But for Jordan, the current refugee stream from Syria […] Read More

Should Pastors Endorse Presidential Candidates?

Less than 10 percent of registered voters in the U.S. voted for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump during the primary process – and the same is true for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. By comparison, you can pick just about any random, crazy conspiracy theory and find at least 10 percent of Americans who believe […] Read More

Key Moral Issues Arise in Democratic Platform

A key item of business is adopting the Democratic Party’s platform during the convention’s gathering this week in Philadelphia. Like the Republican Party’s platform passed last week, the Democratic platform will define the party and guide its candidates and activists over the next four years. Political science research shows platform debates can impact parties and […] Read More

Key Moral Issues Arise in GOP Platform

A key item of business at political conventions will be adopting party platforms. Offering a party’s official take on key issues, platforms serve to define a party and guide its candidates and activists for four years. Republicans are meeting in Cleveland this week, and Democrats will meet in Philadelphia next week. In meeting over the […] Read More

Baptists Advocate for Global Religious Liberty

The topic of religious liberty frequently emerged as a top concern during last week’s annual gathering of the Baptist World Alliance (BWA) in Vancouver, Canada. As more than 300 Baptists from more than 50 nations met, they considered the importance of religious liberty in the context of multiple countries. One of three resolutions passed at […] Read More

Canadian Baptists Reflect on History, Future

Canadian Baptists offered hearty welcomes to the more than 300 global Baptists from more than 50 nations assembled in Vancouver, Canada, this week for the annual gathering of the Baptist World Alliance. Canadian Baptist leaders reflected also on their own unique ministry heritage and context as they introduced their country. “I am proud of who […] Read More

Global Baptists Consider Paris Agreement, Climate Change

The issue of climate change quickly emerged as a key concern this week at the annual gathering of the Baptist World Alliance (BWA) in Vancouver, Canada, as Baptists from more than 50 nations met. The first meeting after the signing of the Paris Agreement to curb carbon emissions, the topic particularly resonated with leaders in […] Read More