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Why Social Justice, the Kingdom of God Go Hand in Hand

By Colin Holtz | February 18, 2019

Although many conservative white evangelicals decry social justice, using terms like “social justice warrior” as a pejorative, it’s impossible to separate it from the Kingdom of God. Let’s explore what the Bible means by justice.

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Jennifer Lau, associate executive director of Canadian Baptist Ministries, talks about the "She Matters" campaign.

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Sacred Texts, Social Duty: A Documentary about Faith and Taxation

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Beyond #ChurchToo: A Path Forward for Evangelicals

By Christa Brown | February 15, 2019

For decades, Southern Baptist and other evangelical clergy have sexually abused women and children, and all the while, other religious leaders have turned a blind eye. Here’s how that status quo can come to an end.

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Examining the Claim Our Public Schools Don’t Stack Up

By Zach Dawes | February 15, 2019

Every few years, headlines proclaim that U.S. students don’t stack up well compared to international students, reinforcing a charge that our public educational system is broken. A closer look reveals that claim doesn’t hold water.

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‘They Shall Not Grow Old’

By Michael Parnell | February 15, 2019

Director Peter Jackson’s “They Shall Not Grow Old” takes black-and-white archival footage from World War I and transforms it into vivid color, bringing the war to life with all its horrors. It’s a masterpiece.

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When Pastors Prey on Our Kids, Where Does the Buck Stop?

By Laura Landgraf | February 14, 2019

When victims of sexual abuse by pastors urged the implementation of stronger protections, leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention threw the hot potato back to local churches citing “autonomy.” A tidy little hand-washing.

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Childish Gambino and James Cone on Race, Justice and Hope

By Mitch Randall | February 14, 2019

As citizens grapple with their racist history and combat modern-day bigotry at the highest levels, Childish Gambino’s Grammy win is a prophetic moment when art speaks truth to culture. And James Cone reminds us why we need justice.

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