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First Film in Series on Baptist Female Pastors Premieres in November

By Staff | October 16, 2018

Announced by Baptist Women in Ministry and this summer, the first short documentary in a series on women in ministry will be available to stream online for free in mid-November.

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Various experts respond to the issue of why U.S. churches remain largely segregated in footage is excerpted from's documentary, "Beneath the Skin."

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Beneath the Skin: A Documentary about Baptists and Racism

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Emerging Voices | Building Bridges in New Cultures

By LaLeita Small | October 15, 2018

Experiencing life in a new culture is a reminder of how importance it is to build bridges to forge new relationships. We must show respect, open-mindedness, love, hope and grace as we exemplify Christ’s heart toward humanity.

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3 Ways Your Church Can Value Women as Equals

By Brent McDougal | October 15, 2018

Jesus’ approach toward women was one of equality, dignity and empowerment, but many churches have fallen short of his example. Here are 3 ways your church can affirm the equal value and importance of women.

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Fluid Views of Morality More Common Among Younger Generations

By Staff | October 15, 2018

Younger generations in the U.S. are more likely to see morality as fluid and changing, a new report finds, with the younger group being twice as likely to hold that view over older adults.

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Moving Toward Non-Gendered Language in Scripture

By Molly T. Marshall | October 12, 2018

Although many dismiss inclusive language in Scripture as “politically correct,” it runs much deeper. It is an attempt to speak justly about humans and strives to offer a vision of God beyond gender.

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7 Truths to Help You Survive Life After the Storm

By Barry Howard | October 12, 2018

Once a powerful storm like Hurricane Michael passes, residents face a haunting reality that life will never be the same. Here are 7 truths for those who must rebuild after the storm.

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