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The New Segregation of Schools

By Mitch Randall | August 16, 2018

While the Supreme Court ended public school segregation in 1954, a new segregation has emerged, separating the privileged from the poor and powerless. Here are 7 ways to turn the tide.

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Featured Video Executive Director Mitch Randall recounts the story of Felix Manz, who was drowned in the Limmat River in Zurich in 1527 for his beliefs.

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Real Baptists: Spotlighting Changes in the Baptist Faith and Message

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Profiles in Goodwill: Chris George

By Staff | August 15, 2018

Chris George is pastor of Smoke Rise Baptist Church in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

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This Singular Slur Should Be Banned in Society, Church

By Ron Rolheiser | August 15, 2018

Our society has come a long way in forbidding pejorative phrases that refer to someone’s race, gender or disability. But one slur still cuts deep and is not yet banned.

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When Dogma’s Bark is Worse Than its Bite

By Nick Lear | August 15, 2018

Dogma can be an easy way to learn some of the Christian faith’s fundamentals, but trouble ensues when Christians insist on applying dogma dogmatically without understanding that nuances exist.

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Why Cooperation Beats Isolationism, Aligns with Christianity

By Zach Dawes | August 14, 2018

The more we cooperate with others, the more we are likely to help. That’s the finding of a recent working paper. While not a study of religious faith, expanding our circle of concern sounds very Christian.

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Texas Woman Welcomes Refugees by Loving Their Children

By Marv Knox | August 14, 2018

Refugees who fled their homelands to escape civil war and persecution find help from Karen Morrow, a Cooperative Baptist Fellowship missionary in Texas, as they adjust to life in the U.S.

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