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Baptists Have Mixed Record on Defending Human Rights

By Tony Peck | December 14, 2018

Baptists as a whole have had a mixed record of defending human rights. Many tend to be vulnerable to the danger of being so grateful for their religious freedom that they won’t rock the boat and defend human rights.

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Profiles in Goodwill: Jennifer Lau

By Staff | December 13, 2018

Jennifer Lau is associate executive director of Canadian Baptist Ministries.

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EthicsDaily 2018: Working with Global Partners

By Mitch Randall | December 13, 2018

EthicsDaily enthusiastically works with global partners to break down barriers and strengthen international bonds. We believe God loves all the inhabitants of the world, not merely a favored elect.

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While Advocating for Human Rights, Don’t Leave Women Behind

By Meredith Stone | December 13, 2018

On this 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, may we look across the globe and hear the stories of women who are still treated as less than human.

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6 Reasons to Celebrate UN Declaration on Its ‘Birthday’

By Scott Stearman | December 12, 2018

A 70-year-old document, no matter how universal, won’t fix our global mess. However, it’s a vital tool in our toolbox. A legal lever to lift the downtrodden, a candle to light in our dark world.

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Advent Joy: Giving Joy

By Merianna Harrelson | December 12, 2018

When you concentrate your focus on giving the gift of joy, fully allowing yourself to participate in the celebration of what God is doing in other people’s lives, you find joy yourself.

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