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Profiles in Goodwill: Chris George

By Staff | August 15, 2018

Chris George is pastor of Smoke Rise Baptist Church in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

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Tony Peck, general secretary of the European Baptist Federation, discusses the changing nature of churches in Europe.

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The Disturbances: A Documentary about Missionaries Saving Lives Amid Genocide

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Why Cooperation Beats Isolationism, Aligns with Christianity

By Zach Dawes | August 14, 2018

The more we cooperate with others, the more we are likely to help. That’s the finding of a recent working paper. While not a study of religious faith, expanding our circle of concern sounds very Christian.

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Texas Woman Welcomes Refugees by Loving Their Children

By Marv Knox | August 14, 2018

Refugees who fled their homelands to escape civil war and persecution find help from Karen Morrow, a Cooperative Baptist Fellowship missionary in Texas, as they adjust to life in the U.S.

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Healthy Churches Provide Pastors with Room to Grieve

By Bill Wilson | August 14, 2018

Grief is a steady companion for ministers. A healthy church will recognize that dealing with grief is essential if your ministers are to help you navigate the difficult waters of grief and loss.

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Why I Support Facing Tough Issues with Integrity

By Merianna Harrelson | August 13, 2018’s staff and writers confront tough and sensitive issues head on with integrity and fairness, including multiple perspectives and voices. That’s why I support

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Why Our Post-Truth Society Needs a Dose of Proverbs

By James Gordon | August 13, 2018

Proverbs, which speaks of the two ways and the choices that determine which of those ways we travel, offers guiding wisdom not only to individuals, but to communities. May we heed it.

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