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Debunking the Myth That Calvinism Justifies Domestic Abuse

By Roger Olson | October 22, 2018

Does Calvinism justify domestic violence and abuse? One critic of Calvinism says no serious Calvinist would support such reasoning on the basis of their theology.

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Baptists Gather to Explore Ways to Promote Racial Justice

By Staff | October 19, 2018

Baptists from across the U.S. gathered in Atlanta this week at the New Baptist Covenant’s 2018 summit, committing to continue the “journey to justice” for all people.

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‘First Man’

By Michael Parnell | October 19, 2018

‘First Man’ is not like any “man in space” movie you have ever seen. It’s a very quiet movie about a very quiet man, Neil Armstrong, who became a hero to every child in his generation.

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Upon Removing the Hood of Racism: A Surprise

By Mitch Randall | October 18, 2018

Many Americans have never regarded social structures and systems as racially advantageous for white citizens and overwhelmingly prejudiced toward minorities. The New Baptist Covenant lifted that hood of systemic racism.

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3 Realities to Help Declining Congregations Move Forward

By J. Patrick Vaughn | October 18, 2018

Many churches are reporting precipitous declines in worship attendance. While many factors are causing this, all kinds of organizations are facing this same trend. Consider these 3 realities as you move forward.

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Report: Overwhelmed Probation, Parole Systems Result in Recidivism

By Staff | October 18, 2018

Criminal justice reforms have reduced overcrowded U.S. prisons and jails, but unaddressed issues within probation and parole have led to overwhelmed community supervision systems and increased recidivism.

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