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Why I Support A Community Making a Difference

By Brent McDougal | August 20, 2018 gathers a community who make a difference, unafraid to address timely issues that churches would rather not discuss. That’s why I support

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By Michael Parnell | August 17, 2018

Some may claim we live in a post-racial society, but director Spike Lee shows us in his new film, “BlacKkKlansman,” that racism is alive and well.

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The Religious Right’s Transformation to Full-Service PAC

By James L. Evans | August 17, 2018

The religious right has morphed into a full-service political action committee, championing nuclear weapons, tax breaks for the rich and rigid immigration policies “in the name of Jesus.” Seriously?

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Report: 12 States Put Someone to Death in Last 5 Years

By Staff | August 17, 2018

While 31 U.S. states authorize capital punishment for certain crimes, only 12 have put someone to death in the last five years, a new report says.

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The New Segregation of Schools

By Mitch Randall | August 16, 2018

While the Supreme Court ended public school segregation in 1954, a new segregation has emerged, separating the privileged from the poor and powerless. Here are 7 ways to turn the tide.

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4 Reasons the Global Leadership Summit Was Worth Attending

By Ircel Harrison | August 16, 2018

The Global Leadership Summit, produced by the Willow Creek Association, was held recently. Although its founder’s sexual impropriety scandal rocked the event, here are 4 reasons I’m glad I participated.

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