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Doing Justice to Our Bodies: How Race Wrongs Us – Part 1

By Starlette Thomas | July 16, 2018

Race has been divinely sanctioned by the church in America. We have given it sacred rights and privileges, a place of honor in our fellowship.

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¿Por Qué las Personas Toman la Difícil Decisión de Migrar? Parte 2

By Nora Lozano | July 13, 2018

Si bien la esperanza de una vida mejor lleva a muchas personas a migrar, otras se ven empujadas a migrar. Tienen que huir de la violencia y el abuso, ya que sus gobiernos no se preocupan por protegerles, o son incapaces de resolver sus propios problemas gubernamentales.

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Why People Make the Hard Choice to Migrate – Part 2

By Nora Lozano | July 13, 2018

While the hope for a better life draws many to migrate, others are pushed into migration. They must flee violence and abuse because their governments don’t care about them or aren’t capable of dealing with their own problems.

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BWA Challenges U.S. Policy to Separate Migrant Families

By Curtis Ramsey-Lucas | July 13, 2018

Meeting in Zurich, members of the Baptist World Alliance adopted a resolution challenging the zero-tolerance policy of the Trump administration to deal with the crisis on the U.S. southern border.

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If You Have This Kind of Faith, It’s Not Worth Having

By Leroy Seat | July 13, 2018

Faith in God is always good, but people often have an insufficient or erroneous understanding of God. Failing to have an adequate understanding of God can produce a flawed faith.

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A Historic Debate Emerges: Original Intent vs. Living Document

By Mitch Randall | July 12, 2018

Whether the Constitution or the Bible, we must apply the delicate balance between original intent, which can serve as our moral compass, versus a living document, which weighs current realities.

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