• We do not post poetry, prayers, fiction, open letters, responsive readings or hymns.
  • We prefer unique content that is previously unpublished or has appeared only on a personal or organizational blog.
  • While we may post content that has appeared on another site or in a printed publication, this is done at the editor's discretion and for the benefit of our readers, who might otherwise miss important commentary or news.


  • Write for general audiences. Don't get wordy and avoid abstract academic jargon.
  • Omit footnotes. Provide hyperlinks to any online articles referenced.
  • Keep it between 600-800 words. Exceptions are made, but they're exceptions, not the rule.
  • Avoid lengthy quotes. Please do not quote entire paragraphs, and scripture quotations should not exceed a verse or two.
  • Write short sentences and paragraphs.
  • We suggest that contributors read through recent columns to gain a clearer idea of's style.


  • Include a one- or two-sentence byline about yourself, including your Twitter handle/username (if applicable). See our site for examples.
  • Include three or four "keywords" at the top of the article. For example, if your column is about global hunger, you might list these keywords: hunger, poverty, humanitarian aid. will refine the keyword listing per our own standards, but please include the keywords.
  • If possible, include in your e-mail a YouTube, Google Video or Vimeo link that is relevant to your story. We might feature the video on our front page.
  • Attach a high resolution headshot of yourself in business casual or Sunday attire that is at least 430 pixels wide by 265 pixels high. We can crop.
  • Please send the article as a .doc file in 12 point Arial font.


  • Send to with "article submission" in the subject line.
  • Once you submit a column, the editor will review your submission for formatting, style, clarity and content. We cannot guarantee that we will publish the article, but we will let you know if we plan to do so.
  • If the editor feels that your column meets the needs of our readers at this time, you will be notified and a general timeframe for publication will be provided.
  • If the editor feels that your column does not meet the needs of our readers at this time, you will be notified, but reasons will only be provided if deemed helpful to the contributor. Otherwise, no comments will be offered.
  • You will receive an email with a link to your column on the day it appears, and we would appreciate your sharing the link with your network through email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.


  • edits all submissions for clarity and style. Typographical and grammatical errors will be corrected and paragraphs will be divided for readability without notification.
  • Suggested changes for clarity, style, accuracy, length and alignment with our overall mission will be noted and shared with the writer. Once the writer and editor have agreed to a revised version, the column will be sent to our copy editor for a final review before posting.