Payday Loans and Predatory Lending Resources

Payday Loans and Predatory Lending Resources | Payday Loans, Predatory Lending, Usury

Payday loans are short-term loans offered at high interest rates. Folks who accept them often become trapped in cycles of debt. Unable to pay back the initial loan, many take out a new loan to cover the initial debt (plus interest) or pay a fee to extend the payment deadline. has many resources available to aid congregations in better understanding this issue and exploring ways to end these predatory lending practices. We have put together this free PDF download to make these easily accessible.

The document includes:

  • articles related to debt, payday loans, predatory lending and taxation.

  • Video clips and interviews, including a a discussion of predatory lending practices by Baptist ministers.

  • Links to outside resources, including resources from several Baptist organizations.

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Payday Loans and Predatory Lending Resources

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