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Why Your Church Needs to Stop Counting People
By: Joe LaGuardiaChurches often measure their growth by how many people they get in the pews on Sunday morning, but is that really the best way to measure the spiritual health of a congregation?
Ask Jesus into Your Heart: A History of the Sinner's Prayer
By: Thomas KiddSome evangelicals have criticized the "sinner's prayer" as unbiblical and superstitious. Is there more to salvation than uttering a formulaic prayer? Does it make the gospel too trite?
Where Are All These Liberian Baptists Going?
By: Richard WilsonNearly 2,000 people have been traveling through Liberia in March, but they aren't migrants or refugees fleeing conflict. This movement of people is a pilgrimage of memory and hope.
What I've Learned from Folks with Decades of Experience
By: Cliff VaughnSharing conversations with people who have decades of experience is a privilege that's enlivening and empowering. EthicsDaily.com's media producer discusses several souls who have impressed him.
By: Brock RatcliffWhile "Noah" is an interesting and thought-provoking movie, it is also cumbersome and stretched too thin. The film simply isn't entertaining enough to be worthwhile. (Photo: Paramount Pictures)