EthicsDaily.com is a division of the Baptist Center for Ethics, a Nashville-based 501(c)3 founded in 1991 by Robert Parham. BCE was founded with the mission of providing proactive, positive and practical ethics resources to churches. BCE held conferences and distributed newsletters, then began publishing curriculum and study guides, then moved into the Internet age by establishing a Web site, www.baptists4ethics.com, in 1999 and distributing an e-newsletter in 2000.

In 2002, BCE launched EthicsDaily.com, posting news, columns, movie and book reviews, features, editorials and other content each weekday. EthicsDaily.com has built a global readership as it challenges people of faith to advance the common good.

In 2006, BCE and EthicsDaily.com again turned to the best of available technology by starting to produce DVDs for use in faith communities. Topics explored in our DVDs include global poverty, Baptist-Jewish relations, faith and politics, the text of Luke 4, and racism. EthicsDaily.com has also posted dozens of free video clips online. Some long-time supporters continue to refer to us as BCE, though increasingly we are known as EthicsDaily.com--an indication of the pervasiveness of the Web site.

We continue to manage the occasional conference, distribute curriculum and study guides, produce DVDs and of course run EthicsDaily.com, which now houses thousands of free articles certain to challenge any person of faith to advance the common good.

EthicsDaily.com / Baptist Center for Ethics / Video Profile from EthicsDaily on Vimeo.

Enjoy this five-minute video that profiles EthicsDaily.com / Baptist Center for Ethics, based in Nashville, Tenn. The video begins with scenes from one of our most successful documentaries to date ("Gospel Without Borders"), and then proceeds to highlight some of the events, initiatives and resources that have helped make EthicsDaily.com / Baptist Center for Ethics an agent for change for more than 20 years. To support EthicsDaily.com, go to http://www.ethicsdaily.com/mod/ecs/index.php?ViewProduct=121