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Plan for Nov. 9: Refocus Your Congregation from White House to Church House

By: Robert Parham
Americans are unhappy with their presidential choices, and that gloom extends to churches. But remember this: Life is more than presidential politics.

Preventing Genocide Will Benefit from Christian, Jewish Teamwork

By: Robert Parham
Genocide is painfully frequent, but few churches address it. By collaborating with the Jewish community, Baptists and evangelicals may perhaps make progress preventing future genocides.

As 9/11 Nears, Christians Can Build Bridges with Muslims

By: Robert Parham
Muslim leaders are concerned about the possibility of one of their holy days coinciding with 9/11's 15th anniversary. Before that date, Christians can take proactive steps now to build bridges with their Muslim neighbors.

U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program Seeks to Balance Welcome, Security

By: EthicsDaily Staff
Balancing welcome with national security was addressed in a U.S. Senate hearing about the goal of resettling 110,000 refugees in the U.S. in 2017.

Egypt's Baptists Serve Many Poor, Illiterate People

By: Daniel Trusiewicz
The Baptist Convention in Egypt comprises 19 local churches and many church plants. The small convention is active in seeking opportunities to plant new congregations.

European, Middle East Baptists Respond to Refugee Crisis

By: Paul Hobson
Baptists in Europe and the Middle East who are involved in the response to the refugee crisis are seeing an "incredible spiritual harvest," says a member of the European Baptist Federation.

Columns on Politics
A Dangerous Path for Politically Active Christians

By: Blake McKinney
Your political talk can have unintended consequences on the spiritual lives of the people who hear you. The more obnoxious you are in talking about politics, the more people will tune you out in matters of faith.

Getting Some Perspective This Election Season

By: Blake McKinney
Have you been sucked into the election hype this year? Are you convinced the future of the world hinges on November's vote? If your answers are yes, is your view of God really that small?

What Happens to Ethics in a Strong Political Wind?

By: Colin Harris
The intensity of our current political climate allows truthful and more complete information to be replaced by propaganda. Misinformation becomes the wind that blows the weather vane of ethics in all directions.

Columns on Baptist Life
5 Ways to Nurture Compassion in Your Heart

By: Rupen Das and Gordon King
Compassion is a powerful force. There's a connection between a church's demonstration of compassion for wounded people and the manifestation of God's presence among them.

Baptists as a Movement of People

By: Jim Kelsey
Baptist churches are well equipped to move with freedom and flexibility in a rapidly changing world, leaving behind those things that are not core to who we are and might slow us down on our journey.

4 Rules on Talking Politics in Sunday School

By: Tony Brooks
If you lead a Sunday school class, your role is to discuss issues based on Scripture. As the political season heats up, discussion will turn toward politics. Here are 4 rules to manage those conversations.

Columns on Church and Theology
Building Relationships with People of Other Faiths

By: Paul Beasley-Murray
How do we build relationships with people of other faiths? Here are five points to consider when your congregation takes steps to reach out to your Muslim neighbors.

What the Bible Says About Intergenerational Ministry

By: Christina Embree
Intergenerational ministry is not a new craze. It's a practice that dates back to Christianity's origins. While age-appropriate ministry still has value, we can find ways to both in our churches.

Healthy Congregations Know When to Adapt - Part 2

By: Mark Tidsworth
Every church is engaging in the adaptive process, given the large-scale changes happening all around us. Some are intentional, some haphazard. Here are 7 types of churches positioned for adaptive change.

Columns on Culture and Media
Political Talk: Temper Your Words, Open Your Heart

By: Mitch Carnell
The presidential campaign rhetoric is at a fever pitch with much worse to come. In our unsettled political climate, we all need to take a step back, take a deep breath and moderate our speech and behavior.

Discovering Spiritual Messages in Secular Films

By: Michael Parnell
Movies are an art form. There's much more going on than pretty pictures up on a screen. One church is connecting with its community by showing secular movies and discussing their spiritual messages.

5 Ways You Can Avoid On-The-Job Burnout

By: Stacy Sergent
Our society encourages and praises workaholism, but working too much and neglecting our own needs inevitably leads to burnout. Here are five ways you can care for yourself on the job.

Columns on Family Matters
5 Ways You Can Bless Your Child's Teacher

By: Kathleen Hardage
It's back-to-school time. As teachers return to their classrooms, here are 5 ways that you as a Christian parent or your church can build a positive relationship with teachers. They need and deserve our support.

Out Of Balance: Helping Kids Survive 24/7 News Cycle

By: Christina Embree
The constant flow of news into all areas of our lives is having a negative effect on us and our kids. We can't hide from tragedy, but we can shield them and help them focus on the good. It's a matter of balance.

10 Suggestions to Ensure You Vacation Well

By: Renée Embree
How do you handle vacation? When was the last time you took one? Play and vacation look different for all of us, but we need it. It's good and holy. Here are 10 suggestions to vacation well.

Columns on World Religions
When 300 Muslims Defended Christians but Few Noticed

By: Larry Eubanks
When 300 Islamic leaders united to denounce religious extremism within Islam, the news received little media attention. These Muslim leaders are closer to the position of Jesus than many of his followers.

Movie Reviews
'The Magnificent Seven'

By: Michael Parnell
Is 'The Magnificent Seven' a great movie? Not by a long shot, but it's not a bad movie either. And even a bad Western is generally better than most good movies. (Photo: MGM)

'Hell or High Water'

By: Michael Parnell
With payday lenders putting people into indentured servanthood, "Hell or High Water" follows two brothers doing wrong things for what seems to be the right reason. (Photo: CBS Films)

'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'

By: Joe LaGuardia
Although the plot seems recycled from "A New Hope," the blockbuster "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is a rousing tale that reminds us of our own uncertainties. (Photo: Lucasfilm Ltd.)

Book Reviews
"Baptist Identity and the Ecumenical Future"

By: Neville Callam
Steve Harmon's new book, "Baptist Identity and the Ecumenical Future," calls for the kind of receptive ecumenism without which the church can hardly be fully the church.

'A Beautiful Constraint'

By: Guy Sayles
Constraints can be 'beautiful' opportunities. When determination and commitment clash with limits and constraint, that energy can help us consider changes we've previously been unwilling to make.

"I Shall Not Hate"

By: James Gordon
In his book, "I Shall Not Hate," Palestinian doctor Izzeldin Abuelaish reflects on his experiences following the Israel's incursion into Gaza in 2009 that claimed the lives of his three daughters and a niece.

Music Reviews
'Save the Day'
The title song opens the collection by juxtaposing elaborate pleasures with simple ones. It comes closer to rock-and-roll than any other selection on the album and grabs the attention of the listener, alerting us to the significance of the word "day," which appears at least once in ten of the twelve songs.

Religion News Service
Court Says Quebec Parents Can’t Pull Students Out of Religion Class
TORONTO (RNS) Canada's highest court has ruled that children in Quebec schools cannot opt out of a course on ethics and world religions.

Rick Santorum Defends Views on Obama’s Theology
WASHINGTON (RNS) Republican presidential contender Rick Santorum is defending his views questioning prenatal testing and President Obama's "theology."

President Obama’s Five Most Personal Religious Statements
(RNS) In recent days, GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum has criticized President Obama for having a "phony theology" not based on the Bible.

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